DMTN's Simon is Producing New Girl Group XG Set to Debut 2022

Simon, known as a member of the 2nd Generation boy group DMTN announced he is producing a female idol group. 

On January 21, Simon held a Zoom meeting along with fellow DMTN member Jeesu, to introduce the girl group project he had been working hard on producing for the past 5 years. 

The girl group is called XG and will debut sometime in 2022! The group is a collaboration project between South Korea and Japan's Avex. This project included Ezaki Hikaru a participant in Girls Planet 999 and current member of Kep1er. More information about the confirmed members of the group will be released soon. 

After introducing the girl group project Simon held a fan chat and answered questions about XG. 

Q: How old are the girls and are they’re attending school? 

A: The girls are in their teens. 

Q: Will the members be as close as DMTN? 

A: We're looking at having this group together for at least 10 years. The members are like family so I believe that the members will be very close for a long time. For the past 5 years, they were living together in the dorms and are very close to each other. 

Q: After Kep1er disbands, will Ezaki Hikaru rejoin the group?


A: Yes. Once Kep1er disbands, the members will go back to their original companies. We plan to talk through promotions with Hikaru once she returns.

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Q: Are there any plans for (Simon) promoting again? 

A: Right now Simon needs to focus on XG Studio and XG, although he wants to collaborate with Jeesu in the future if there is an opportunity. XG will be debuting soon, so after they debut, Simon will be supporting them as a producer as well as plan to work as an artist.

Q: Will XG be on music programs to promote? 

A: The first thing to do is make music so we haven’t thought about promoting on music shows yet. We are aiming for more of a global promotion. We definitely plan on promoting through YouTube.

Q: Will you have more opportunities to meet with fans or connect with fans?

A: Yes there are plans because I’m here today because of the fans, I plan to make this a regular thing and the members will be appearing as well. 

Q: At a Simon meeting, he talked about XG and took fan suggestions. Has he used any of the suggestions? 

A: Yes, he definitely took this into consideration. The reaction that he got wasn’t different from the direction that he was going towards. Just to see the members grow is great. There are times when he has to be very direct with them as a producer. He didn’t know he was tired while working with the girls. Simon promises to do another Zoom call before the girls' debut and after.

Meanwhile, an intense teaser video of the project was uploaded on January 25, piquing fans' curiosity. 

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