How to Help VANNER Reach Their New Album Comeback Goal

Boy group VANNER is having a crowdfunding project for their next album! 

VANNER is a five-member boy group under VT Entertainment that debuted in 2019. Their latest comeback was the single album [Form] which was promoted between December 2020 and 2021. Due to Covid-19 restrictions it has been difficult for smaller companies to maintain their groups, yet VANNER has persevered on. 

Last November VANNER went on a five-city U.S tour. Now is the chance to help VANNER add to their discography with a new album. 

The Re:start Album Participation Project 

The new album features a bright and refreshing dance-pop genre song with an intro and an addictive melody.

In addition, we are preparing great songs and choreography by communicating with an American composer with the strengths and brightness of "VANNER."

Find out all the details on the Rising Star page! Change the language to English or Japanese, sign up for the website, and Join the project! 

The lowest tier gets you a post in the album's credits, a digital selfie of your favorite member, and a signed CD, which is quite a sweet deal. The higher the tier, the more perks are offered. 

Member Hyesung went semi-viral back in November for working a part-time job at LUSH. As it is a known fact that many idols, especially from small companies do not earn a personal income for years at a time. He took it upon himself to get a job to afford simple things such as bus fare food with friends to protect his main role as an idol. Hyesung's strong resolve and diligence garnered the respect and admiration of netizens. However, that is not enough to support a group alone. 


Spreading the word about their project could help tremendously! So if you want to bring awareness to VANNER please share this article or their project page! 

Ciera Reeves

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