LUMINOUS Discusses Goals For Their Comeback with "All Eyes Down"

On January 19, 2022, rookie boy group LUMINOUS held their showcase for their 2nd mini-album, Between Light and Darkness (Self n Ego). 

The four members of LUMINOUS, YoungbinSuilSteven, and Woobin who are vastly talented in singing, rapping, and dancing, performed tracks from their newest album and discussed their goals. Check out what the members had to say during the press conference QnA session. 

Q1: Can you please explain the direction and meaning of the album and how it connects to team's worldview? 

A: It is a concern and conflict between the true self and a created self. For example, when choosing something, you ask yourself whether this is what you want as “my own self" or whether you want it because it is “expected of me " from the people around me or position I am in. In the end, we wonder what kind of person am “I"? By asking these essential questions, we tried to capture the confusion and worries I felt in the process of finding my true self in the album, like ‘Luminous’, which is implies in the title "Between Light and Darkness."

In the worldview connection, the first album depicts "youth" that continues to move
forward even if it is hard and painful, while the second mini album talks about "youth"
while wandering to find the direction and meaning of life one choses.
We tried to sympathize and comfort fans like friends who would have similar
concerns as us as well as with those of all ages. 

 Q2:  In the album, you reference the confusion of one’s True inner self “SELF” verses their masked-like ego “EGO”, can you tell me, has Luminous ever felt like this before?

A: “small piece” of my everyday life, for example, when I see myself after putting on my full makeup, I wonder, is this really me? Or do I look like myself when I don't have makeup on? What kind of image do I need to portray so I can gain confidence without it being washed/swayed away? is something I think about. As well, My current dream probably what I really wanted, right? I also have thoughts like that. I’m sure everyone has had that kind of thought once?

Q3: In the released teasers we were able to see a manly and mature appearance from you all, Was there anything you paid special attention to anything during the break while preparing for the album?

A: In addition, my internal growth seems to have had an effect externally visually. As I debuted last year, there are more things I feel and think about while about as well as I am experiencing a lot of things more than before. When we look at each other amongst our members, the atmosphere feels like it has changed a bit and we’ve become more mature in that respect.

Q4:  This album contains comfort for the lonely and confused youth. What's Luminous' way of consoling? Also, can you tell us what message you wish to convey through this album. 

A: When talking about Luminous' way of consoling, I think it's "sympathy" describes it well. Just having someone listen to one’s story and said, "me too, it was hard for me too." There are times when it's comforting just to sympathize with them, and I think our songs can play that role. We want to listen to the stories of our fans, so we plan to communicate more often. Recently, we started an "Individual V-LIVE" by setting up a "communication theme" for each member. 
 We are also looking forward to doing it on other platforms on a steady basis. 

 Q5: In comparison to the previous album, what kind of differences can we see?? What kind of image did you want to portray to your fans via this album?

A: Our debut album was the first start of promoting our presence to the world. The music and everything were tailored to that part. However, starting from this album, we want to show you the musical spectrum of Luminous. It is more addictive than the first album and more profound in message. As you listen to it, you will think a lot and ask essential questions that will make you more curious about the next album. I hope you can listen to all the songs in our Luminous album and think about it with us. Like a friend who lives together. We're Kkanbu~^^ (reference from Squid Game)

Q6: Various artists have made a comeback, so why should we pay attention to Luminous’ new
album? Please introduce Luminous’ unique charms. If you were to introduce them to us, what would they be? Is there any new ways you would like to be described as through this album?

A: There are many colorful and popping songs. However, the special points of our music are the heaviness that you can't get tired of no matter how many times you hear it, and the color is cool even if you don't follow... Should I say it's kind of like a “nomakeup look”? And when you are having a hard time, you can receive comfort from our music. Our performance also has many elements that are like watching a musical and full of addictive points to follow. Please follow along and enjoy it! 

“Idols you can trust and look forward to seeing many different sides of.”

 Q7: In October last year, you successfully finished your mini concert “Youth: You and I.” Since it was your first-time meeting fans after debut, I’m sure it must have been more meaningful. Are you planning an event with your fans again this year?

A7: As well even at the moment, domestic, and overseas performances are being prepared. Although there are many unpredictable variables due to COVID-19, we are always eager to meet you. Even now, if we have a chance, we are ready to show our stage anytime, anywhere. We hope Corona will end soon and we will have the chance to meet our fans!

Q8:  Do you have any goals you wish to achieve with this album? If you achieve this, have you made any special pledge for your fans?

A8: The goal of this album is to be in the top 50 of the charts. And starting with this album, we're going to prepare for a world tour! Hmm... Our pledge will be.. The members will change parts and sing and perform. ^^ Please look forward to the rap from the vocal line and 3-level high note from the members in charge of rap!

Self n Ego contains five tracks; "MASTRYOSHKA," "Trouble," "All Eyes Down," "Scintillation," and "Want it More." 

The title track "All Eyes Down' is a hip-hop based song that clearly defines LUMINOUS’ colors through lyrics and addresses the questions about the innate falsified hope within our hearts.

Edging between life’s hopes and fears, the performance is completed while paying homage to the ‘Joker.’ To encounter our “tough yet beautiful youth” together, surpassing our limits to go beyond what we could have ever imagined. A willingness to go far beyond the fears we couldn’t overcome. To keep running even if we don’t know what end we’re headed towards.

The song is composed of a bass trap genre, and the intro starts with a powerful kick and bass. Includes a Padsynth, which synthesizes with an aggressive sound, and draws a mysterious aura.

The second mini-album Self n Ego along with the music video for "All Eyes Down" are slated to release on January 20, at 6 PM KST. 

LUMINOUS debuted in September 2021 to be light-like friends who comfort the current generation of youth living in a lonesome and chaotic world and continue to do so with their latest release. 

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