Band Class #3: 18Fevers


18Fevers: L - R: Garik, Christmas, Saae, Matt

Welcome back to Band Class, a new series here at KpopWise where we feature Korean bands you may not have heard of. Getting to know musicians in a different country and who speak a different language than you do can be difficult. Especially in the case of bands where they're not as prominently featured on music shows, which is how your average international Kmusic fan often finds new artists. 

Last week we covered the one man band HIPE in our series, and this week we'll meet 18Feversa death punk disco band who formed in 2021. 

18Fevers features ex members of Gumih, Her Collection, and Yattertown. They released their first single last year, and are currently working on their first full length album. 

"We play aggressive and dark but catchy punk rock with elements of hardcore, dance punk, and post punk. Our song themes are everything from drinking all night in Hongdae to social issues affecting sexual minorities or anyone that is at a disadvantage for being a minority. We always try to keep a tongue in cheek attitude no matter the topic."

Meet The Band: 

Rhythmic Guitarist
"She's got a loud and unique voice to go along with her badass attitude"

Lead Guitarist
"She drives our creativity and adds some garage post punk elements to our sound while drinking a lot of beer"

"Matt plays fast running bass lines and writes a lot of the songs"

"Garik brings in a more metal core influence with his drums which shakes things up from the standard punk drums"

18Fevers is a band who obviously know they want to talk about important issues while also having fun which is something I can personally support so I look forward to their debut album. Stay tuned to see what both 18Fevers and Band Class bring you in the future!  

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