Stray Kids and Chungah's Fans Help Lead Fans at Cancelled Riyadh Season Concert to Safety

Stray Kids and Chungah's Fans Help Lead Fans at Cancelled Riyadh Season Concert to Safety

On January 14, 2022, Stray Kids and Chungha were scheduled to perform in Riyadh, Saudia for the Riyadh Season Concert. The idols completed sound check However, due to extreme weather of heavy rain and a sandstorm the concert has been postponed for safety reasons. 

The safety of the concert goers is of great concern. There were several reports of fans who attended the concert who are teenagers have gone missing. There are alleged malicious persons taking advantage of the situation to harass or take the fans away. There are rumors of incidences of people spraying chemicals near the fans to try making them incapacitated. 

If you are a person who has gotten lost in Riyadh search the tags, if you have any information about the missing fans, or know places that are safe for the fans, busses, and any resources please share with in the following hashtags. 




A number of Twitter spaces have opened to provide information and to help find missing persons during this difficult situation.

-updated 1/15

Even if any of the allegations about harmful people or missing fans were false, it is still commendable that many fans did what they could to help spread awareness and information to help protect their fellow fans. 

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