Three Times Kpop Fans didn't Deserve their Idols

Teenagers Misbehaving at Ateez's Grammy Museum Interview

On February 8, Ateez appeared on Grammy Museum's Global Spin Live. It was a huge step in their career as they are the fourth Korean act that got invited to perform there. Some fans, however, didn't show their best behavior that day. As reported by other fans present at the event, a group of teenage fans had brought their slogans and lightsticks with them and kept screaming to get the members' attention in the middle of their interview. 

They wouldn't stop asking Ateez about their upcoming activities despite the interviewer and leader Hongjoong telling them that the information was confidential. However, Hongjoong dealt with the situation with the utmost professionalism by saying "I can't spoil more, but we will come back this year with our own thing." He also added some humor to his words to lighten up the atmosphere.

Fans Mistreating Ningning and Invading her Privacy

On February 5 and 6, After China got a gold medal at the Beijing 2022 winter Olympics in speed skating, Ningning sent messages on Bubble, expressing her joy over China earning a gold medal and showing appreciation to all the athletes who worked hard: 
Wow, I heard about the gold medal. I'm happy.
Each and every athlete deserves respect.
I think the athletes from all the countries are amazing and have worked so hard.

A few days later, on February 8, Korea claimed disqualification over the results and said that the Korean athlete was the true winner of the gold medal. A lot of fans attacked Ningning with malicious comments for congratulating the Chinese athlete, ignoring the fact that her Bubble messages were sent several days before the Olympics scandal even started. As if dealing with hate comments that told her to leave the group was not enough, someone hacked Ningning's personal Instagram account and shared her following list on Twitter which was a complete invasion of the 19-year-old artist's privacy.

Fans Continuously Leaving Members Out

It has happened a few times with the newly debuted girl group Kep1er. In one of their earlier fan signs, all the members got gifts from fans except for Youngeun. Later, in another fan sign, it was Bahiyyih who was ignored by fans and didn't receive any gifts. Although she tried to stay cheerful and joke around with the members, Her expression still gave away a mixture of negative feelings.

It might come off as a surprise that even J-Hope, one of the most popular male idols today, experienced being left out by fans at some point. One day during their debut period, J-Hope went live to talk to the fans. He shared that he didn't receive any messages on the Fancafe. J-Hope wasn't blaming anyone though, as he proceeded to say "I'm okay". Years later, on a 2017 J-Hope Vlive, fans kept asking about other members. A lot of the comments were about Jimin. J-Hope went to Jimin's room and told him that fans wanted to see his face. Then he gave the camera to Jimin and left the live. Although he went out of the room with a smile, OT7 fans could see the disappointment behind his cheerful expression.

All the artists try so hard to do their best for fans. Their music is a source of happiness and comfort to many. But still, some fans fail to appreciate their idols by not realizing how some behaviors could be affecting their favorite artists negatively. 

Have you ever noticed your favorite Kpop artist being treated unfairly by fans? Tell us in the comments. Do you want more articles like this? Tune in with @KpopWise for future updates.

Maede Sebtenabi

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