Band Class #4: Synsnake

Band Class took a little break last week, but we're back! Band Class is a series here at KpopWise where we aim to introduce internal Korean music fans to bands they may not have heard of, or just help them get to know the ones they love better. Last class, we met the extremely cool band 18Fevers.

This week's Band Class subject is Synsnake, a five-member electronicore band. In 2021 Synsnake released their first full-length album Fluxus. 

Synsnake spent a very busy year releasing three music videos for Fluxus, a drum playthrough of their single "Manneristic", and a home version video of "Saturn in the Loop" for the enjoyment of fans. I'm tired just thinking of how hard they worked. 

Meet Synsnake: 

Name: Serah Oh
Position: Vocalist
Birthday: Jan 2
Gear: Sennheiser e935 "I like Sennheiser so much that my dream is to be an endorser."
Hobbies: Planting, Playing guitar (recently bought a surf green colored telecaster), Practicing various impersonations these days.
Additional Info: "Designing all the things about Synsnake. The shortest in Synsnake (160cm)"

Name: Sungmin Cho
Position: Vocalist 
Birthday: Sept 21
Hobbies: Gaming(PUBG), Stock Investment(fail), CRYPTO
Additional Info: "Good at math, The 2nd tallest(182cm), Good at making SOMAEK"

Name: Randy Jaemin Kim
Position: Guitar
Birthday: Dec 2
Gear: ESP E-II Horizon NT-7B, Ibanez RGD71ALMS, Fender Player Telecaster, Fender Blacktop Precision Bass
Hobbies: "Planning to release 2nd single of 'Reverse The Fracture' in 2022. (solo project), Cooking, Big fan of Assassin's Creed and Far Cry series"
Additional Info: Composing songs , Making sounds

Name: Hyunjae Choi
Position: Bass
Birthday: May 13
Hobbies: Knitting, Floral arrangement
Additional Info: "Making MV, The tallest in Synsnake(187cm), Want to be a vocalist.(fail), Good at drinking SOMAEK, EAT THE MOST"

Name: Eero
Position: Drums
Birthday: Jan 8
Gear: Tama - Speed cobra twin pedal, Tama - Iron cobra twin pedal (rolling), Meinl classics custom dark, Pearl Reference, VATER - 5B Xtreme Design
Hobbies: Bike riding, Vaping, Gaming
Additional Info: "Best driver, Good at EYE MAKE UP"

Thank you for hanging out with me and learning about Synsnake, and thank you to Synsnake for helping me write this article by providing information on the band - and in spreadsheet no less (my heart thanks you)! I hope to see you back in class on Feb 15.

Before you go, don't forget to follow Synsnake:


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