Keystone Entertainment Reveals New Boy Group's Name as BLANK2Y

Keystone Boyz the "next-generation K-pop rising star," has confirmed the group name as "BLANK2Y."

Keystone Entertainment released its logo with the official group name "BLANK2Y" on its official SNS on January 28.

BLANK2Y is a compound word of "BLANK," which means "blank, and "KEY," which means "key and thread," meaning "key to open empty space." The number "2" symbolizes the key (K2Y) connecting the artist and the listener. Like the team name, each of the nine members is expected to be a key and a musical medium that connects people and people.

Along with this, the unveiled official logo combines minimal parenthesis-shaped symbols with straight lines and diagonal lines. The parentheses expressed 'a space that can contain all the emotions in the world'. Through the opening and closing of parentheses, it encompasses the emotions and emotions of people who change rapidly and fills them with Blank2y's music. A sharp straight line is designed as an extension of the symbol and roundness applied to diagonal lines to convey both the strength of the man and the softness of the boy. The concept of "No Limit," which is not limited to a specific concept, is melted into the logo.

Brand identity work was carried out by DDB Worldwide under Omnicom, the world's second-largest media agency group. Cho Seok-hwan, head of DDB, explained, "We have established a flexible brand identity system so that Blank2y can capture the emotions of the times in any form at all times." Art Director Shin Soo-ji said, "The key to branding is to accept everything in a space where all possibilities are open and connect everyone in the world with Blank2y's voice," adding, "I hope Blank2y will be a 'core key' to connecting the world with various ways of communication."

Choi Sung-muk, CEO of Keystone, said, 

"We will foster Blank2y to become nine keys to opening a new world to fill the emptiness in the hearts of people living in the present era and convey deep echoes."

Blank2y, the first super-large global boy group to be introduced at Keystone, is a multinational boy group consisting of nine members including Korean members, Lee Young-bin from Mnet's audition program "Iland," Kim Tae-woo from 1THE9, and Park Dong-hyuk from ENOi, and is set to debut in the first half of this year.

In particular, despite the disclosure of only three members, interest in Blank2y is heating up day by day. Blank2y's debut is drawing keen attention to the extent that online fan pages have been created in about 50 regions, including Japan, China, the United States, the United Kingdom, and France. Recently, it ranked third in a vote held by a South American media titled "Korean Idol Group Most Expected to Debut in 2022".

Meanwhile, Blank2y will sequentially disclose the final debut member, unit, and full group photos later. In early March, Keystone will accelerate preparations for the group's debut by communicating with fans around the world through a reality show.

In the meantime the revealed members have been releasing performance content for the fans to enjoy while they await the debut. 

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