Band Class #5: TRAP

Welcome back to Band Class a series here on KpopWise where I hopefully help you either find a brand new favorite Korean brand or help you learn more about your faves. In our last class, we talked about the electronicore band Synsnake.

In this week's class, we'll meet the four-member post-grunge band TRAP. TRAP was recently nominated for best rock album and best rock song in the 2022 Korean Music Awards. 

Last year was undoubtedly busy for TRAP, not only did they release a nine-track self-titled album, but two of their members also got married. Congratulations Chowon and Sunghoon!

TRAP started eight years ago when Chowon and Sunghoon were looking for a vocalist. Hyunyung says he saw a video they uploaded, and although he thought it was a bit weird, he decided to join the band.

TRAP says their music is about various aspects of people and situations, that if you think you know about something or someone that considering it from a different point of view may teach you something new.

Meet TRAP (and their pets)

Chowon Kim

April 21
“Super Powerful Rock drummer. She broke at least 30+ cymbals and 10+ snare drums so far.”

Inho Maeng

Bass + Backup vocals
Sage of TRAP
“Never fight with anyone. Literally ‘Keep calm and play bass’”

Sunghoon Hwang

Chowon’s husband
Dec. 6
“Guitar gear geek. He has pile of guitar amps and Effects at home.”

Hyunyung Kim

July 8
Nemesis of Chowon
“He always stand opposite side of her in everything like music taste, arrange of song, making a plan of band, etc.. except choose menu for dinner.
He said he didn't meant to, but he was born to.”

What does the band's name mean? 

"If you are asking this question, that means you already trapped. haha If you read our lyrics, you might think it is quite straight story. But if you look close and read it carefully, you can find lot of twisted and dark story inside of it. That is why we name ourself 'TRAP'"

Okay, now you can have pet pictures. 

Chowon & Sunghoon



Thank you, dear readers, so much for staying with me and learning about TRAP and their adorable pets. I am now considering ending every article with cute pictures of animals. 

Thank you to TRAP for allowing me the opportunity to write about their awesome band. 

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