JWiiver Officially Debuts with first EP Album "Jtrap"


On February 17, Starweave Entertainment's rookie boy group JWiiver made its debut with its first EP Jtrap


JWiiver is a seven-member multinational band consisting of Roshin, GabinK, Ryujei, Raots, Shita, Rihan, and JuKang. Shita is from Macau, fluent in Cantonese, Mandarin, Korean and English,  Raots from China, additionally, Roshin is fluent in Japanese. 


Many of the members have made on-screen appearances through popular audition programs. Ryujei in “Boys24” (2016), GabinK on hip-hop audition program “Show Me The Money 777” (2018), Shita in “Produce X 101” (2019), and Roshin on “To Be World Class” (2019). 


The EP consists of 4 songs, "Jtrap", "Made for You", "My Destiny", and "Blue Fire". The band’s title track “Jtrap” is in the urban hip-hop genre. JWiiver's leaser Rihan collaborated with famous Japanese choreographer Marimo Kanno to create the choreography for ''trap". The second title track "Made for You" was written by Candace Sosa, known for participating in albums for BTS and TWICE and produced by Alawn who has worked on albums by Baekhyun, Monsta X and more. 

Check out the Music Video to "Jtrap" here. 

The group has proceeded with performing on weekly music shows with their debut on MCountdown

Listen to "Jtrap" on Apple Music 

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INSTAGRAM : http://instagram.com/jwiiver__official

FACEBOOK : http://facebook.com/JWiiver

YOUTUBE : https://bit.ly/3GwVZv7

TWITTER : https://twitter.com/jwiiverofficial

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