12 Empowering Songs by Kpop and Khiphop Artists for Women's Day

Ciera Reeves

Happy International Women's Day! In honor of Women's Day, here is a short compilation of empowering songs by female artists! The songs' contents avoid being solely driven by relationships with men, nor do they put other women down to uplift themselves. If you feel empowerment from the songs add them to your playlists! 

CLC - Helicopter 

In CLC's swan song Helicopter, the ladies go out with a bang proving no matter what no one can hold them down. 

Nada - Bulletproof

Nada sings about moving through life without letting the haters pull her down.

ITZY - Wannabe

In Wannabe, Itzy sings about just being yourselves without conforming to what society expects from.

Jessi - Cold Blooded 

Jessi hypes herself up while showcasing the Strong Woman Fighter dancers. 

BoA - Woman 

BoA singer about how grand it is to be a mature woman. 

MAMADOL - Wooah Hip

A song about being reunited with the stage after motherhood and how mothers can do anything. 

Lim Kim - Yellow 

Lim Kim celebrates Asian womanhood.


The ladies of MAMAMOO show how they are cool in their own ways. 

Hyuna - Good Girl

Hyuna breaks it down about how she doesn't fit into the mode of the ideal demure woman. 

LOONA - PTT (Paint the Town)

The unstoppable 12 sing about just doing them and living it up to the fullest. 


Girl group EVERGLOW show off their tough and confident selves that refuse to give the players and haters power of them. 

Red Velvet - Queendom 

An uplifting song to celebrate our own uniqueness and strengths.

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