5 K-pop Songs to Play When You Are Not in a Good Mood



There will be always a time in our life when we feel unmotivated, sad, and feel left out by everyone around us. The feeling of wanting to burst out crying or to sleep for long hours-- is really tough and sad.  That's why we compiled these five k-pop songs to warm your heart when you are not in the good mood. Come and check it out!


Doubting on yourself? Having a hard time? This NCT song will hug you with its heartwarming lyrics and vocals. Always remember what Johnny said in the music video, "You are the most important person in your life. So be yourself, be beautiful,"    

2.  Breathe by Lee Hi

Mistakes will always be part of our life. It helps us to grow and to learn. Don't be too hard on yourself. Always take a deep breath. Everything will be fine soon.

3. That's Okay by D.O.

Sometimes we fail, sometimes we win. Sometimes we smile, sometimes we cry. It is all okay. We should not force ourselves to stop feeling what we want to feel. This song feels like a light pat on your back in hard times.

4. To My Youth by BOL4

This song hits different when you are at the point of your life where you feel so sad and disappointed in yourself. This is a great song to play when you want to let it all out by crying while staring at the dark sky on a lonely night.

5. Palette by I.U. feat Gdragon

As we grow old, we tend to be pressured by everything that surrounds us. When you experience this type of feeling, listen to this song. It feels like listening to the advice of your favorite older sibling. 

We hope that we are able to somehow ease your heavy feelings by listening to these masterpieces. Always remember that you are loved, and we are rooting for you!

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