Comparison: TXT VS ITZY

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They both debuted at the same time.

They both came from well-known entertainment companies.

They both featured five members.

And they've both gone on to make waves in the K-pop industry over the last three years.

It's no wonder TXT and ITZY have been compared to each other for their entire musical careers so far.

So, we've decided to take a look at their careers so far, comparing them against one another on five different categories - albums (including repackages, single albums, and other releases), tracks (including double-up songs), sales, music show wins, and their fanbase.

This comparison is just for fun, and it doesn't mean that one group or fanbase is ranked higher than the other.


Between these two groups, there has been a simply massive number of releases over the last three years - twenty-six to be exact.

From mini-albums to digital singles, from OST's to Japanese releases, here is how TXT and ITZY compare when it comes to their albums.


TXT have nineteen releases under their belt in the three years since their debut. This has included:

  • 2 full-length albums - "The Dream Chapter: MAGIC", "The Chaos Chapter: FREEZE"
  • 1 repackaged album - "The Chaos Chapter: FIGHT or ESCAPE"
  • 3 mini-albums - "The Dream Chapter: STAR", "The Dream Chapter: ETERNITY", "Minisode 1: Blue Hour"
  • 3 digital singles - "Our Summer (Acoustic Mix)", "0x1=Lovesong (Remix)", "0X1=Lovesong (feat. Mod Sun)"
  • 3 OST singles - "Your Light" (from Live On), "Love Sight" (from Doom At Your Service), "Eyes" (from Armored Saurus)
  • 1 Japanese full-length album - "Still Dreaming"
  • 1 Japanese mini-album - "Chaotic Wonderland"
  • 2 Japanese single albums - "Magic Hour", "Drama"
  • 1 Japanese digital single - "Ito"
  • 1 English digital single - "Cat & Dog (English ver.)"
  • 1 other official release - "Sweet Dreams"


ITZY, meanwhile, has had a total of twelve releases in the three years since their debut, with another Japanese single set to be released next month. Their current releases include:

  • 1 full-length album - "Crazy in Love"
  • 4 mini-albums - "IT'z Icy", "IT'z Me", "Not Shy", "Guess Who"
  • 2 digital singles - "IT'z Different", "Trust Me (MIDZY)"
  • 1 Japanese full-length album - "IT'z ITZY"
  • 1 Japanese mini-album - "WHAT'z ITZY"
  • 1 English digital single album - "Not Shy (English ver.)"
  • 1 English digital single - "In the Morning (English ver.)"
  • 1 collaboration digital single - "Break Ice" (with Second Aunt KimDaVi)


If it's listed on the tracklist of a release, then we've counted it in here as a track. So that means that instrumentals, English and Japanese translations, and even duplicates can find their way into this part of the comparison.


Across their nineteen releases, HYBE's Big Hit boy group TXT have released a total of 76 tracks, averaging a total of four tracks per release.


Across their twelve releases, JYP Entertainment girl group ITZY have released a total of 67 tracks, averaging a total of 5.58 tracks per release.


As we all know, the K-pop industry sees devoted fans buy the multiple versions of their favourite artists albums in a way that simply isn't seen any more in the Western music industry following the rise of music streaming services.

As such, the sales of K-pop albums are often some of the highest every year. And the purchasing power of a group's fandom is seen to show the popularity of a group as well.

So, who was more album sales out of TXT and ITZY?

While ITZY's massive 1.62 million+ album sales is quite astonishing, the MOA fanbase of TXT have managed to almost triple this, with 4.52 million+ album sales.

Music show wins

A lot goes into getting a music show win. It's not just about the quality of the song or the staging of the performance.

The way in which something is released or promoted makes a massive difference. While digital releases are sure to get massive digital points on music shows, they can't accumulate physical points. On the other hand, physical album sales often come at the detriment of digital numbers.

And the timing of a release also matters. If you're up against big names like BTS, BLACKPINK, TWICE, or NCT, you can basically throw the idea of getting a win.


When it comes to music show wins, JYP must have amazing timing while MIDZY must be avid voters, and ITZY have received a total of 42 music show wins in the last three years.

These music show wins have come from:

  • Dalla Dalla - 9 wins
  • ICY - 12 wins
  • WANNABE - 8 wins
  • Not Shy - 5 wins
  • Mafia in the Morning - 5 wins
  • Loco - 3 wins


Meanwhile, TXT has not had such luck in the music show wins departments, having only won 13 times in the last three years.

These music show wins have come from:

  • CROWN - 3 wins
  • Run Away - 1 win
  • Can't You See Me? - 2 wins
  • Blue Hour - 1 win
  • 0X1=LOVESONG - 4 wins
  • LOSER=LOVER - 2 wins


When it comes to measure the fanbase of both MOA and MIDZY, we've taken a look at five of the most popular ways a fan can show their support for a K-pop group:

  • Subscribing to their YouTube channel
  • Following them on Twitter
  • Following them on Instagram
  • Following them on TikTok
  • Becoming a member of their VLive channel

So, how do MOA and MIDZY come out in each of these categories?


It's a close race when it comes to the number of YouTube subscribers each group has, but MOA just beats out MIDZY with 8.85 million+ subscribers to TXT's official YouTube channel compared to 6.93 million+ subscribers to ITZY's official YouTube channel.

While TXT's official YouTube channel has received a total of 705.51 million+ views, ITZY's has overtaken them, received a total of 1.386 billion+ views.


There's a bigger difference when it comes to Twitter, however, with 9.1 million+ MOA's following TXT compared with 4.6 million+ MIDZY's following ITZY.


MIDZY takes the lead when it comes to the number of Instagram followers for ITZY with 15.61 million+ followers compared to 11.61 million+ MOA followers for TXT.


We all know where this one's going.

TXT have used their TikTok to reach viral fame, with more than 16 million+ followers on their profile. ITZY haven't done bad, though, with more than 7.2 million+ followers on their own profile.

ITZY have also received 99.1 million+ likes on their TikTok, while TXT have received 495.3 million+ likes.


VLive is one of the main ways in which idols can communicate with their fans, with livestreams allowing idols to give their fans a look at their everyday life.

Where TXT has a total of 6.99 million+ members on their VLive channel, ITZY has a total of 3.17 million+ members on theirs.

Total fanbase score

Combining all of these fanbase followings together to achieve a total fanbase score, TXT comes out on top with 52.49 million+ points compared to ITZY's 38.44 million+.

Are you a MIDZY or a MOA? Are you a multi-stan who loves both of them? No matter what side of the spectrum you fall on, both groups have made amazing stride for the fourth generation of K-pop. Let us know what you think by commenting on our socials @KpopWise.

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