Kwon Eunbi Reveals Ethereal Underwater Comeback Teasers

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Photo Cr: Woollim Entertainment

 Kwon EunBi, Comeback on April 4… A shocking return with underwater shooting

  • Kwon EunBi, Confirmed Comeback on April 4th… New album ‘Color'
  • Kwon EunBi, Releases ‘Color’ Palette Film… Alluring + Elegant “Spring Goddess”

Singer Kwon EunBi confirmed her comeback on April 4th, giving a foreannouncement for her spectacular return.

On the midnight of March 21st, her management, Woollim Entertainment, released Kwon EunBi’s 2nd mini album ‘Color’ palette through their SNS channels, announcing the sudden news of her comeback.

In the released palette film, Kwon EunBi wore a pure white dress and a flower crown, showing off her spring goddess-like figure. The dreamy mood of the video created a mysterious atmosphere that reminisces of a movie.

Kwon EunBi’s alluring and elegant charm that oozes off even from the water attracts the eyes of the viewers and raises curiosity about the new album’s concept.

At the end of the video, the album title ‘Color’ is shown along the release date “2022.04.04 RELEASE”, raising the excitement for fans who have been waiting for Kwon EunBi’s comeback.

‘Color’ is Kwon EunBi’s first release in seven month, after she released “OPEN” in August last year. Kwon EunBi is expected to present elegant and colorful music through her watercolor-like album ‘Color’, coloring the music industry this spring.

Kwon EunBi proved her hot global popularity by ranking third on the Billboard World Digital Song Sales Chart with her debut album ‘OPEN’ and charted on iTunes Top K-Pop Album Chart in 17 countries. She will further strengthen her potential as a solo artist with the new album ‘Color’, which will show more of her musical growth. 

Kwon EunBi’s second mini album ‘Color’, that will announce her return as the ‘Goddess of Spring’ will be released on April 4th. 

Source: MJ Tonz Entertainment

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