Queendom 2: Get to Know - LOONA

With just three days to go until the premiere of Mnet's "Queendom 2", it's time to continue taking a look at the six competing acts in the upcoming survival show. And today, we continue with one of the most internationally famous groups in the show - LOONA!


LOONA are a twelve-member girl group formed by BlockBerry Creative, who were once on the brink of disbandment before being saved by the #StanLoona campaign.


The group made their debut in 2018 with the mini-album "[++]", but had been introducing each member of the group with a solo single album and music video from October 2016 to June 2018 prior to this.


The members of the group include vocalist and rapper ViVi, dancer, vocalist, and rapper Yves, rapper, vocalist and visual JinSoul, leader, vocalist, and rapper HaSeul, vocalist and dancer Kim Lip, vocalist, rapper, and face of the group Chuu, dancer, vocalist, rapper, visual, and center HeeJin, dancer, vocalist, rapper, and visual Hyunjin, rapper, dancer, and vocalist Go Won, rapper, dancer, and vocalist Choerry, rapper, dancer, and vocalist Olivia Hye, vocalist, rapper, and maknae Yeojin.

Music show wins

LOONA have a total of two music show wins, including one win for "So What", and one win for "PTT (Paint The Town)".

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