Original Members of BIGFLO Reunite as WE:A and Announce Concert

Original Members of BIGFLO Reunite as WE:A and Announce Concert


The original members of BIGFLO, Jungkyun, Ron, Z-uk, Eden and Kichun minus Hyuntae who is focusing on acting have reformed into the new group WE:A

BIGFLO debuted in 2014 with the mini album First Flow. Kichun joined the group a year later for their third mini album Incant. 

In 2017 Jungkyun, Z-uk, Eden and Kichun left the group and BIGFLO carried on as Ron, Hyuntae with the addition of new members Lex, former A.Cian member Euijin and former A.ble member Sungmin

All of the current and former members have been focusing on their individual activities while BIGFLO is inactive. 

Jungkyun is the CEO of the music production company Madewell Music. It is likely that WE:A are operating under the same company.

WE:A are ready to commence their activities as they have announced their first global online concert for April 3, 2022. 8PM KST. Details on the event can be found on FC Live. The language can be changed between Japanese, English or Korean by scrolling to the bottom of the page on both web and mobile version of the website. 

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