Queendom 2: Get to Know - VIVIZ

Ford Carter

With just one day to go until the premiere of Mnet's "Queendom 2" tomorrow night, it's time to finish taking a look at the six competing acts in the upcoming survival show. And today, we finish with one of the biggest and most exciting names in the show - VIVIZ!


VIVIZ are a three-member girl group formed by BPM Entertainment from three former GFRIEND members.


The group made their debut earlier this year with the mini-album "Beam of Prism". However, the members had all previously debuted back in 2015 as members of girl group GFRIEND prior to this.


The members of the group include vocalist Eunha, dancer and vocalist SinB, and vocalist and maknae Umji.

Music show wins

VIVIZ have a total of two music show wins, both coming from their debut song "Bop Bop!". As members of GFRIEND, however, they have an additional seventy-one music show wins, bringing their total to seventy-three.

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