TEMPEST is Ready to Take the World by Storm with Debut MV 'Bad News'

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TEMPEST has officially debuted on March 2, 2022 with their first mini album It's Me, It's We

TEMPEST is a boy group launched by YUEHUA Entertainment for the first time in 7 years and contains the aspiration to occupy the K-pop market with the bright and powerful energy of the 7 members. The powerful performances that TEMPEST will present and the variety of music that crosses genres contain the confidence that has

been prepared for a long time.

TEMPEST consists of 7 members, LEW and HYEONGSEOP, who participated in Produce 101 S2 and debuted as a project unit called, ‘HYEONGSEOP X EUIWOONG,’ HANBIN and HWARANG, who participated in an audition survival TV shows I-LAND (HANBIN), and Under Nineteen (HWARANG) while HYUK, EUNCHAN, and

TAERAE, who greet the public for the first time. 

TEMPEST’s first debut mini-album, It’s Me, It’s We is composed of various genres that contain not only intensity but also refreshing. 

The powerful and refreshing vocal lines are harmonized by the main vocal; HYUK and lead vocal; HANBIN, and sub vocals; HYEONGSEOP and EUNCHAN, and lead rapper; LEW, sub rapper; TAERAE joined together to enhance the perfection of the album. 

TEMPEST’s title track, ‘Bad News’ will turn the music industry upside down expected to become Big News and Good News. The title track, ‘Bad News’ paradoxically contains TEMPTEST’s ambition and release to conquer K-pop. The melody naturally flows between rap and vocal, which harmonizes with a funky rhythm, maximizing the bright energy of TEMPEST. 

With lyrics full of confidence, intense performances, and an M/V full of visuals that give a glimpse into the charm and chemistry of the members. TEMPEST will satisfy the passionate interest and expectations

of K-pop fans around the world who are focused on TEMPEST, the most popular rookie in 2022. 

Check out the music video for 'Bad News' here! 

The TEMPEST Debut Showcase Recap

During TEMPEST's debut showcase, they discussed what it is like to finally debut after a long wait. Hanbin talked about accumulating so much experience through TV shows. Lew said he has had time to prepare himself and songs, through this group he will show a new version of himself. Hyeongseop thanked the fans who have been awaiting them. 

 Hanbin, who is from Vietnam, was questioned what it is like being the only foreign member in the group. Hanbin expressed that the team members are a great support so that he could overcome bumpy roads and difficulties, they have the same dreams and wishes to accomplish as TEMPEST. He said to his family and friends far away, he will do his best to make them proud with his endeavors.

When asked what makes them stand out from other 4th generation Kpop idols, they responded, We reflect ourselves in our songs and hope to inspire others. 

When questioned about the wide range of music spectrum on the album, main vocalist Hyuk explained that they have a variety of genres because every member has a uniqueness to show and throw their full weight into achieving them. 

When asked about how they plan to communicate with global fans, Eunchan commented that they are thankful to local and global fans, and they can see that they are real. Lew ensured that despite language barriers, they will show in common emotions and sentiments. They hope to meet global fans as soon as possible when COVID-19 slows down. 

TEMPEST hopes to be a reliable, loveable group with trustworthy music. Hwarang said that his goal is to earn Rookie of the Year. 

 Tracklist information 

01 Bad News (Title)

A prelude to what's to come from TEMPEST, they express their passion to take on the K-pop industry!

Composed by G-high, Inner Child (MonoTree), Jozu (PRISMFILTER)

Lyrics Written by G-high, Inner Child (MonoTree), Jozu (PRISMFILTER), LEW, HWARANG Track Produced by G-high (MonoTree)

02 Just A Little Bit

A song with a sense of regret in a relationship that can not be reversed. Every member shows their own unique charms.

Composed by Pablo Groove(153/Joombas), wan9u, 153CreatorsClub, 이른

Lyrics Written by Pablo Groove(153/Joombas), wan9u, HWARANG

Track Produced by Pablo Groove(153/Joombas), wan9u, 신재훈, deepsleep, Jaec

03 Find Me

A song about pursuing their genuine selves like the title of the album. 

Composed by 윤종성, Inner Child (MonoTree), Nmore (PRISMFILTER), PRISMFILTER, Jozu

Lyrics Written by Inner Child (MonoTree), LEW, HWARANG

Track Produced by 윤종성(MonoTree), Nmore (PRISMFILTER)

04 있을게(to YOU)

A fan song,  about long awaiting and no one can replace the emptiness that someone leaves.

Composed by Vendors (Coll!n), Vendors(CALi), XLMT, Vendors (Hi-bye), Vendors (Fascinador), 153/Joombas

Lyrics Written by 송유(153/Joombas), 최보라(153/Joombas), LEW

Track Produced by Vendors (Fascinador)

05 Bad At Love

A song about the experience of first love.

Composed by Inner Child (MonoTree), Marcel Heim, Charlotte Bühle

Lyrics Written by Inner Child (MonoTree), LEW, HWARANG

Track Produced by Marcel Heim

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Twitter https://twitter.com/TPST__official/

Sources: Reels Corporation, Yuehua Entertainment

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