The Top 10 Highest Scoring Wins on "Show Champion"

Since first going to air back in February, 2012, MBC M's "Show Champion" has aired 424 episodes, with hundreds of groups performing thousands upon thousands of performances.

Here's a quick recap of how their current scoring system works:

  • Broadcast - 20% (2,000 points)
  • Digital - 35% (3,500 points)
  • Physical - 15% (1,500 points)
  • SNS - 10% (1,000 points)
  • Vote - 20% (2,000 points)

Prior to 14 July, 2021, "Show Champion" did not reveal the scores of the winning songs, instead just announcing the winners.

Today, we take a look at the highest-scoring performances on "Show Champion" (since they started releasing scores).

10th: The Boyz - "Thrill Ride" (6,888 points)

To open up our list of the top ten highest scoring performances on "Show Champion" is The Boyz's "Good Evening", which places tenth.

Their "Show Champion" win for "Thrill Ride" was the song's second win, and only the group's seventh win overall.

Their performance on the program on 18 August, 2021, received a total of 6,888 points.

9th: Stray Kids - "Thunderous" (7,159 points)

Coming in at number nine is JYP Entertainment's fourth generation boy group Stray Kids with their recent winning song "Thunderous".

It marked the first win for "Thunderous", which was also the group's first win in almost a year at that point, and marked what was only the group's fifth win at that point.

The group won "Show Champion" on 1 September, 2021, with a total of 7,159 points.

8th: NCT 127 - "Sticker" (7,160 points)

Easily one of the more polarising entries on this list comes from SM Entertainment's NCT sub-unit NCT 127 with their eccentric-sounding "Sticker".

"Sticker" received a total of ten music show wins, of which this was the fifth, and marked the sub-unit's eighteenth music show win.

During the show's 29 September, 2021 episode, the song received a total of 7,160 points - just one point more than the previous entry.

7th: Enhypen - "Blessed-Cursed" (7,178 points)

Coming in at seventh place on this list is HYBE label BELIFT's boy group Enhypen, with their most recent title track "Blessed-Cursed".

"Blessed-Cursed" received its first song on the show, and it marked the groups seventh music show win.

After performing on 19 January, 2022, they received a total of 7,178 points.

6th: VIVIZ - "BOP BOP!" (7,541 points)

VIVIZ - a brand new debut girl group formed by three of the former members of super-successful girl group GFriend -  received their first music show win just seven days after their debut.

The group's first win also marks the sixth-highest scoring performance for "Show Champion", with a total of 7,541 points.

5th: fromis_9 - "DM" (7,642 points)

The "Idol School" winning girl group fromis_9's most recent comeback, "DM", has also made it onto the list of the highest-scoring "Show Champion" performances.

The win was only the second and most recent for the song, and only the third music show win overall for fromis_9.

The group's 26 January, 2022 performance won them a total of 7,642 points.

=3rd: BTS - "Permission to Dance" (8,000 points)

Coming in a third is a two-way tie between BTS' "Permission to Dance" and . . . BTS' "Permission to Dance"!

That's right. For two consecutive weeks on "Show Champion" (from 21 July to 28 July, 2021), BTS' "Permission to Dance" won the show, taking a total of 8,000 points both times.

This means that "Permission to Dance" takes two spots on this top ten list - both equally tied for third!

The wins were the third and fifth for the song respectively, and marked BTS' 147th and 149th music show wins.

2nd: IVE - "Eleven" (8,075 points)

It marked the first win of Starship Entertainment's new girl group's song "Eleven", and also the girl group's first ever win, occurring just seven days after their debut.

IVE's performance of "Eleven" on 8 December, 2021, received a total of 8,075 points, and puts them in second place on this list.

1st: STAYC - "Stereotype" (8,161 points)

And topping out the list of the top ten highest-scoring wins on "Show Champion" in STAYC's "Stereotype".

It marked the second win both for the group and for the song, with their other wins coming both the day before and the day after it on "The Show" and "M Countdown" respectively.

"Stereotype" received a high score of 8,161 points during the shows 15 September, 2021 broadcast.

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