"The Origin: A, B, Or What?" - Episode 2 Review

From thirteen down to twelve.

Last night saw the very first elimination on IST Entertainment survival show "The Origin - A, B, Or What?", resulting in tears from members across both Team A and Team B as the reality of the show finally hit.

If you haven't already, check out our breakdown of episode 1 here, where we also cover how the program works.

Episode 2 Recap

Following the first round of the first balance game, both teams were thrown into the second round of the "PR Balance Game", with two competing performances.

As Team A started the first round, Team B would begin the second round.

Team B consisted of trainees Junseok, Seunghwan, Yeonkyu, Daehyun, Junho, Minseo, and Hyunjun performing G-Dragon and TOP's "Zutter". Unlike with the first round, the audience were not given an insight into who was given the ace and death cards by the mentors.

Team A consisted of trainees Donghwa, Rakwon, Junmin, Jinwook, Wonbin, and Jaejoon performing BM's "13IVI".

Across the two rounds, a total of 224 points were up for grabs. After the points from the two rounds were combined, Team A made a come-from-behind win.

As Team B had lost the first balance game, their death card as selected by the mentors would be eliminated from the game.

The unlucky recipient of the death card, and therefore the first trainee to be eliminated from "The Origin - A, B, Or What?", was Kang Daehyun.

The competition continues next Saturday night. Until then, you can watch the second episode of "The Origin" with English subtitles below:

Have you been watching "The Origin"? Which team do you think did a better job across the two rounds of the first balance game? Let us know by commenting on our socials @KpopWise.

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