The Top 10 Highest Scoring Wins on "M Countdown"

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Since first going to air back in July, 2004, Mnet's "M Countdown" has aired 741 episodes, with potentially thousands of groups performing tens of thousands of performances.

Here's a quick recap of how their current scoring system works:

  • Broadcast - ~9% (1,000 points)
  • Digital - ~41% (4,500 points)
  • Physical - ~14% (1,500 points)
  • SNS - ~14% (1,500 points)
  • Live vote - ~9% (1,000 points)
  • Global fan vote - ~14% (1,500 points)

To be eligible to win on "M Countdown", the artist or group must have promoted their song on at least one music show. It is not necessary to attend "M Countdown".

Today, we take a look at the highest-scoring performances on "M Countdown" of all time.

10th: SHINee - "Don't Call Me" (10,990 points)

The most recent entry on this list, and also the only one not to feature in the nine-way tie for first place.

SHINee's hit recent song from around this time last year - "Don't Call Me" - was just 10 points shy of a perfect score, which could have made this a perfect ten-way tie of every perfect score on the show.

SHINee's "Don't Call Me" win on "M Countdown" was the songs second win (out of six total), and marked the group's 60th music show win overall.

Their performance on the program on 4 March, 2021, received a total of 10,990 points.

=1st: NU'EST - "I'm in Trouble" (11,000 points)

And straight after our first win, it's time to come into our nine-way tie for first place.

In order to clear up how this worked, ties are organised so that songs that made the achievement earliest are recognised higher in the list.

That brings us to NU'EST's "I'm in Trouble", which achieved a perfect 11,000-point score on "M Countdown" on 21 May, 2020.

The win was the song's second, and marked the group's 11th win overall.

=1st: BTS - "On" (11,000 points)

We all knew BTS was going to be making another appearance on these lists, and it won't be their last one on this list either. The group is famous around the world for a reason.

BTS' first entry on this list of "M Countdown" wins goes to "On", which received the perfect 11,000-point score on 5 March, 2020.

One of the more successful songs by number of wins in BTS' discography, "On" received a total of 16 music show wins over the course of its promotions, of which this was its fifth.

This marked BTS' 81st music show win.

=1st: NU'EST - "Bet Bet" (11,000 points)

NU'EST returns once more to the list (for the last time this time, though, sorry) with their hit song "Bet Bet".

Another perfect 11,000-point win came to NU'EST through the 9 May, 2019 broadcast of "M Countdown", and actually marked the end of a three-week run of perfect scores for different songs on the show. The two perfectly scored songs in the weeks beforehand are the next two songs in the list.

It marked "Bet Bet"s third music show win, and the group's third music show win overall.

=1st: TWICE - "Fancy" (11,000 points)

One of the most popular girl groups in all of South Korea and Japan - TWICE - makes its debut on the "M Countdown" list.

The nine member girl group's incredibly popular song "Fancy" received a perfect 11,000-point score on the show's 2 May, 2019 broadcast - just one week prior to NU'EST's perfect score and one week after the perfect score next in the list.

The perfect score marked the second win for "Fancy", but also marked TWICE's 88th music show win.

=1st: BTS - "Boy with Luv" (11,000 points)

They're back again! (See, I told you).

That's right - the beginning of the three-week run of perfect songs had actually started with BTS' "Boy with Luv" during the broadcast of "M Countdown" on 25 April, 2019.

"Boy with Luv" was an incredibly successful song as it was promoted, and gave BTS a huge boost of 21 wins (which, by the end of promotions, had boosted BTS to 74 music show wins and made them one of the most successful groups of all time).

Their perfect score on "M Countdown" came from the song's fourth win, which also marked BTS' 57th music show win.

=1st: SHINee - "I Want You" (11,000 points)

SHINee are also here to make a second appearance on this list - this time with a song that received a perfect 11,000-point score.

"I Want You" got its only win from the "M Countdown" broadcast on 21 June, 2018. It marked the group's 58th music show win.

It would be almost three years after this win before the group would get its next music show win.

=1st: BTS - "Fake Love" (11,000 points)

The first of two more BTS winning performances on this list, "Fake Love" received a perfect 11,000-point score from "M Countdown" on 31 May, 2018.

It was the fifth win "Fake Love" would receive out of a total of 12 music show wins, and was BTS' 38th music show win.

=1st: BTS - "DNA" (11,000 points)

The last BTS entry to make the list comes from one of the group's most famous songs - "DNA".

"DNA" was also the first BTS song to receive a perfect score of 11,000 points, achieving this feat on 28 September, 2017.

The perfect score was the third win "DNA" received throughout its promotions. The successful song received the most music show wins for a BTS song at that point (with a total of 10). It also marked the group's 26th music show win.

=1st: EXO - "Power" (11,000 points)

What makes EXO's "Power" so special when it comes to the Mnet music show "M Countdown"? It's the very first song to receive a perfect score of 11,000 points on the show.

The feat was achieved on the "M Countdown" broadcast on 14 September, 2017, and was the second win the group had received for the song.

It was the 98th music show win the group had received. At the time, this made it the most successful K-pop group by music show wins in a tie with the legendary girl group Girls' Generation.

Their next win, which they received the next day on KBS' "Music Bank", would be their 99th win, and catapult them to the top of the leaderboard.

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