Band Class # 8: Holocity


Welcome back to another installment of Band Class. If you're unfamiliar with Band Class, it's my series here at KpopWise where I introduce you to some Korean bands you may not have heard about before. As many of us know, being an international fan of Korean music can leave you at a disadvantage in finding new artists with so much focus on idols. Although recently more attention has been paid internally to bands, information about them is often hard to find. 

So, the hope with Band Class is that I show you at least one band you didn't know about before. Last time we talked about Eighteen April, a band that describes their music as a mix of deathcore and metalcore. Today, we'll meet Holocity. 

Holocity, an electronic pop band, formed in 2020 with members Luci, Chun, and Zune and released their first EP, "The Days" in August of that year. Since then the band has released "The Sea" and "The Night That I Can't Sleep", both in 2021. The band has also recently added a new member, their bassist Benediction. With this new addition to their band, Holocity is currently preparing to release a new EP.

Meet Holocity: 

Name: Loci
Hobbies: Playing with dogs
Position: Vocalist

Name: Loci
Hobbies: Playing with dogs
Position: Vocalist

Name: Zune
Hobbies: Collecting instruments and recording gear
Position: Drums

Name: Benediction
Hobbies: Video games
Position: Bass

Holocity is a pretty cool name, but what does it mean? The name is a combination of the words "hologram" and "city", they say sometimes the world around them feels like the world around them has no meaning and they want to express a feeling of solitude and hopefulness for humanity despite the loneliness we might experience.  

"Based on electronic pop and band sound, they show rhythmic and groovy sound carrying the message of our lives. Like the stage lighting, our lives have also [a] bright and dark side. Holocity takes this motivation on their music so anyone can enjoy Holocity’s music as everyone’s own experiences."


Thank you for reading Holocity's edition of Band Class, and don't forget to follow them on social media! Thank you to Holocity as well for allowing me to write about their band.   

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