Jay Park BTS Jungkook Two Shots at Recording Studio... ' At the Top but still Humble"

Jay Park BTS Jungkook Two Shots at Recording Studio... ' At the Top but still Humble"

Two selfies of singer Jay Park and BTS Jungkook were released.

Jay Park took to his Instagram on April 19th, “Being at the top but still humble and trying to improve… A cool guy, even good at boxing,” he shared.

He then wrote in English, “After meeting Jungkook, I can definitely see why they get so much love. Humble ambitious and talented.

The released photo shows Jay Park and Jungkook posing affectionately in the recording studio. The two showed great visuals even in comfortable clothes. Jungkook showed off his playful side by sticking out his lips and making a V pose.

Jay Park recently launched a soju brand and turned into a liquor businessman. He established a new entertainment company, more Vision, and released a collaboration song called “GANADARA” with IU last month.

BTS’s Jungkook returned home earlier in the day after wrapping up the “Grammy Awards 2022” held on  April 4th and the 4th PTD Tour Concert in Las Vegas, USA. BTS will be making a comeback on June 10th. 

By Stars Today Reporter Yang Soyoung

                                                                                                                  Translated by Ritu Kohli

Ritu kohli

It's around 2016 year when Ritu had the toughest time of her life; she felt the most pessimistic and miserable but thank the gracious right at that moment she discovered BTS and ever since then there's no looking back for her. With over 6 years stuck in this hallyu hole, she became a keen k-pop music and K-drama enthusiast, so on the way she naturally developed feelings for korean language too and that's how she started exploring and loving korean language passionately for over 2 years now. She also loves reading books, writing blogs, painting and cuddling with her pet. She dreams of working with k-entertainment industry utlitizing her korean language skills. And here she begins.

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