[Translation / Interview] '2NE1 Top Secret Reunion' Gong Minji- “Four of us Adorned One Page of Life"

Ritu kohli

2NE1 at Coachella, "Surprise Reunion in 7 Years."

“GIRL GROUP 2NE1” (CL, Gong Minji, Park Bom, Sandara Park) All have united together after seven years and are receiving a great response from the fans. 2NE1 made a surprise appearance at the Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival (Coachella), a global music festival held in Indio, California, on the 16th (local time), and received enthusiastic cheers. It was the first time in seven years that 4 members of 2NE1 performed on the same stage since the 2015 Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA).

After the hot Coachella stage, Gong Minji aka Minzy who had a written interview with Star News on the 18th of April (Korea Standard Time), said, "I was glad and excited to see the faces of so many fans on the big stage together after a long time," adding, "It was a moment of mixed feelings."

Gong Minji expressed her gratitude to the fans who cheered passionately on the 2NE1 reunion stage. She said, “I thought that fans would like it because it was a stage prepared for fans who have been waiting for a long time, but on the other hand, I was also worried about if they would remember us," adding, "But thank you so much for showing such a great interest."

The performance was led by CL, who was invited to Coachella. CL has been talking closely with the members, and it was rumoured that each agency has also agreed to the cause. Recently, a meeting of members was captured at CL and Park Bom's birthdays on social media.

Gong Minji said, "We knew about the Coachella plan since CL's birthday," adding, "While preparing for this stage, we shared about each other's lives, about how we have been doing so far, shared ideas about the stage, and sincerely talked about the fans who were waiting for us and made good memories as we prepared for the performance."

2NE1 Coachella Performance receiving love from fans on Youtube.

2NE1's performance just as the word stands was a "surprise." Coachella and 2NE1 reportedly maintained thorough security outside until the actual stage was unfolded. First of all, CL put on  her solo stage as scheduled, followed by 2NE1, which was completed with the appearance of the other three members, Gong Minji, Park Bom, and Sandara Park, who adorned the spectacular stage with their hit song "I'm the best."

Gong Minji said, "It was a grateful time for all four of us as we were able to prepare one great stage together like this," adding, “I thought we had adorned a page in our lives. We will remain in your hearts as always, and we will do our best and try to show great things to the fans who have waited for all four of us.”

Gong Minji also requested to look forward to her solo activities. Gong Minji is now taking on various challenges. She showed her strength as a singer-songwriter, and actively appeared in Entertainment Programmes that were rare during 2NE1 activities. She showed colorful charms in entertainment programs such as "Sister’s Slam Dunk Season 2," "King of Mask Singer," and "Oh Eun Young's Golden Counseling Center." She also showed solid musicality through the Watcha original music show  "Double Trouble." She was cast in the OTT musical "Lovely Voice: The Beginning" and tried acting. She added, "Now I am preparing for new music, and I will communicate and meet overseas fans who I have not been able to meet due to COVID-19."

By Reporter Yoon Song Yeol

                                                                                                        Translated By Ritu Kohli

Minzy posted snippets of 2NE1 Coachella Performance on her Instagram account.

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