Rolling with Vanner in Atlanta During Their 2022 Tour: A Concert Review

Vanner (배너), the VT entertainment boy group, has rolled into the United States for their 2022 United States tour. Vanner has decided to heat up multiple cities around the United States for the first time during their #BoostUp Tour. Vanner’s tour started in Chicago on March 16 and will finish on April 8 in Los Angeles. Vanner has been traveling all over the United States. Their tour stops have included cities such as Dallas, Lawrence, Denver, NYC, Warrendale, Orlando, Sauget, and Salt Lake City. 


On March 22, Vanner rolled into Atlanta to perform a seven o’clock show at The Loft, and it was nothing short of amazing, to say the least. VVS, Vanner’s fandom, had the opportunity to purchase three ticket options: general admission, VIP B, and VIP A. The VIP A tickets allowed fans to attend soundcheck, take a photo with Vanner, access the venue early, and a ton of merch items, including a signed album. While waiting to enter the venue, VVS was really kind to each other. Some even provided others with freebies such as photo cards and bracelets with Vanner members' names on them.

For soundcheck, the members performed a few of their popular songs, including “Form,” “Lachata,” and “Like A Star.” The soundcheck experience is special because you get to see more of the members' personalities plus have a more intimate interaction with the members. A special attribute of the soundcheck experience is the members' humor on stage and their ability to make VVS laugh uncontrollably. Specifically, Gon, the main rapper and dancer, is hilarious. He made a lot of jokes and funny faces to make the audience laugh. In addition, the members wore street wear during soundcheck. Their personalities showed through in the outfits they chose to wear. For the most part, their style was more trendy and hip and consisted of joggers, hoodies, t-shirts, and sneakers. After the soundcheck, fans were able to take a picture with the members and then come back to the stage area to wait for the show to start.

While waiting for the show to start, you can feel the excitement and adrenaline pumping! The venue played music to help pass the time, so fans had something to enjoy while waiting for the show to begin. The show finally started around seven o’clock, and the members started with a bang by performing “Form.” Vanner performed about fifteen songs, twelve of them being their songs and the other three being covers from other artists. The cover songs included “0X1=LOVESONG” by TXT, “Permission to Dance” by BTS, and “Turtle Ship Remix” by Paloalto. Below is their entire set list from the show, and you can even listen to the songs Vanner performed using this playlist.


Vanner had great energy throughout the show, and they really know how to hype the crowd up. Vanner’s charm and tenacity got the audience pumped up and ready to match the members' energy. It was also prevalent how well the members worked together and fed off each other’s energy. During the show, VVS showed the highest amount of energy and screaming when Vanner performed songs such as “Purge Day,” “Form,” and “Nasty.” These performances had such great power, and the beats were simply outstanding. VVS seemed to also enjoy Vanner’s performance of their new song "Rollin" as it has a catchy tune and fun dance moves. 


Overall, if you are not overwhelmingly pleased by Vanner’s exceptional performances, you will be pleased with their amazing fan service. Vanner members miraculously manage to personally connect with as many fans as possible during their performances. It seems to be a unique skill of theirs. There were a lot of finger hearts, waves, and pointing happening from the members as they were performing. Some of the members even touched hands with VVS in the audience. You can tell from these interactions how much Vanner cares about their fans. This type of fan interaction is quite remarkable and not the kind of personal interactions that you often see at other Kpop concerts. To give a visualization of these interactions, it was not like an artist interacting with their fans after a while, but more like two friends seeing each other again after a long time. You could tell that Vanner wanted to make each fan feel special. Truly a joyful sight to see.


“We will continue to stay humble and honest.”  

The members spent some time during their ments expressing their gratitude to VVS and being honest about their journey thus far. Vanner also gave VVS an opportunity to get to know the members better through a brief Q&A session with the audience. The members seemed to be really concerned about what kind of food to try while they were in Atlanta. The crowd insisted on Vanner trying Waffle House. Ahxian made the crowd laugh when he repeated the crowd’s response by saying, “Waffle Head?” confusedly. The fans laughed as they realized Ahxian misheard their restaurant recommendation. The members shared more of their quirky personalities by making tons of funny gestures and facial expressions as well during the ments. VVS was also quite moved when the members said, “we will continue to stay humble and honest” at the end of their ments. Vanner’s ability to remain humble and relatable are two qualities that draw a lot of fans to them. It was also endearing to hear the members tell VVS not to forget about Vanner after VVS leave the concert. You can tell that the members are genuinely themselves on stage and are not afraid to show their raw emotions. 


The duration of the concert was about two and a half hours long. After the show ended, fans could do a hi-wave and had the opportunity to purchase 1-on-1 photos with a member for $20 per Polaroid. The members did not fail to show their appreciation and gratitude to VVS as they were leaving and told everyone they hoped to see them again at other shows. All in all, Vanner is extraordinarily talented and will make it far! The grit, drive, and passion that they possess will assist them greatly in the future in leading them to success.

Here are some other photos for you to enjoy from the show:



Did you also get to attend a Vanner concert this year? Please tell us about your favorite moments during the shows!

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(Photos by Asia Moore)

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