VIXX's Leo to Act in First Drama Since Debut 'A Happy Ending Outside the Fence'

VIXX's Leo to Act in First Drama Since Debut 'A Happy Ending Outside the Fence'

Leo of VIXX presents a unique character in his first acting challenge after his debut.

Leo was selected for the role of Kim Jung-hyun in the BL web drama 'A Happy Ending Outside the Fence'.

Leo is scheduled to play the role of Kim Jung-hyun, a star writer with a secret in 'A Happy Ending Outside the Fence' (펜스밖은해피엔딩) and presents a unique character by exuding perfect and chic charm as well as the mysterious and sexy appearance he has shown on stage and on TV. plan to do

In particular, it is expected that it will be able to get a hot reaction from fans by drawing a thrilling romance, and it is attracting attention in that Leo officially takes on acting for the first time after his debut.

In addition to being a singer, Leo built up his acting career by performing on the stage in many great musicals such as 'Full House', 'Monte Cristo', 'Mata Hari', 'The Last Kiss', 'Elisabeth', 'Marie Antoinette', and 'Frankenstein'. As much as he has come, it is expected that he will show more than expected ability in this first acting challenge.

Meanwhile, Leo held his ‘2022 LEO Special LIVE [Im Still Here]’ last month and had a meaningful time with fans, and plans to carry out more diverse activities in the future.



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