Kwon Eun Bi is Back as Spring Goddess, Releases 2nd Mini Album "Color"

Ciera Reeves

Singer Kwon Eun Bi is back with a new album after 7 months releasing her 2nd mini album "Color" on April 4th on various music streaming sites.

Aside from the title song ‘Glitch’, songs included in "Color" are ‘The Colors of Light’, ‘Magnetic’, ‘Colors’, ‘Our Speed’ and ‘OFF’, showing different genres through out the album. Through ‘Color’, Kwon Eun Bi shows off her colorful musicality and is expected to give birth to a new masterpiece.

The title song ‘Glitch’ is a UK-Garage song that raises question about the system of ‘what is right’ while breaking away from its dense Grid-Line, through collaborating with producer TAK and Corbin from NEWTYPE entertainment and using ‘the main character of my own fairytale’, Kwon Eun Bi had completed her worldview as an artist and musically.

'Glitch' MV

Kwon Eun Bi also reveals her musical capability by participating in the composition for ‘OFF’, it contains a message of consolation that one would give themselves after countless thoughts of life and wounds in the late night.

Through ‘Color’ Kwon Eun Bi will not only color the music scene by her upgraded performance and unique musicality, but she will also solidify the nickname ‘complete solo act’

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