Wonho to make his musical theatre debut in "Equal"

Ford Carter

K-pop idol Wonho will be making his musical theatre debut in coming months with a starring role in "Equal".


Both fans of musical theatre and fans of Wonho himself are sure to be excited as the soloist brings with him his unique vocal ability and charisma to the role.

"Equal" is the story of a rural doctor, Theo, with an honest and bright personality who will do anything to save his best friend from an incurable disease.

Set in 17th century Europe, Theo (Wonho) must fight the bubonic plague (more commonly known as the Black Death), from which his friend Nikola suffers. Theo discovers a mysterious book on alchemy, with which he will try to save his best friend from the disease that struck him.

Musicals are incredibly popular in South Korea and with fans of the Hallyu wave, with the participation of K-pop idols adding to both domestic and international interest. For K-pop fans, the theatre allows the opportunity to see their favourite artists perform a great achievement of live music. The theatre is also a great challenge for artists as well.

Reactions online have been overwhelmingly positive as Wenees see Wonho take the next big step in his career.

The musical will also star other K-pop idols such as Golden Child's Joochan, Vromance's Hyunseok, and Victon's Seungsik and Sejun.

Although Korean musicals are rarely broadcast, international fans (and domestic fans who can't make it to the theatre) will be able to purchase packages online to be able to see a performance.

"Equal" will have its opening night on June 3 till July 24 at Global Platform Meta Theater and Seoul Uniplex 1 Building.

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