[Exclusive Interview] E'LAST on Creature, Kdramas and Being Hunted?

E’LAST (엘라스트) is an eight-member boy group under E Entertainment. The group consists of Choi In, Seung Yeop, Rano, Baek Gyeul, Romin, Won Hyuk, Won Jun and Ye Jun. E’LAST has a unique concept that sets them apart and they capture the hearts of fans with stunning vocals and visuals. They have recently come back with their 3rd Mini Album [ROAR] and the title track ‘Creature’ on April 27.  

Check out the music video to ‘Creature’ here! 

The group, just a couple of weeks shy of their second anniversary, spoke with KpopWise about their new song and answered questions that Elrings (fan name) are curious about. 

Hello E’LAST! Elrings say that they are so proud of you guys for working hard and giving your best! Please keep going and stay healthy. 

Can you tell us the album concept and story?

Rano: The concept of this album is werewolves, and it contains the story of E’LAST, who are exhausted from countless conflicts, turning into creatures and facing conflicts with their inner selves. This album will show the climax to E’LAST’s concept storyline.

Are there any funny stories from filming the ‘Creature’ music video?

Ye Jun: I have a scene in the “Creature” music video where I break free from a glass container by hitting it with my hands. During the filming of the scene, the glass wasn’t actually there, and I was just miming the action.

What is your favorite part of the song ‘Creature’?

Baek Gyeul: Romin and Rano’s hook. I like how we do the cool choreography at the part when the beat stops.

Romin: My favorite is the hook in the third verse that I sang with Rano. I love how Rano and I briefly do a paired choreography, and then the eight of us walk like werewolves.

If you are wolves being hunted by a wolf hunter, who would be caught first and why?

Baek Gyeul: It would either be Won Jun or me. I get scared the easiest out of all our members, so I don’t think I would be able to run away in such situations.

Seung Yeop: Choi In. I think he would get caught very soon because he’s a slow runner.

What would you guys be If you weren't an idol?

Won Jun: I might’ve become a CEO because it was one of my long-time dreams to become one. I also once dreamed of becoming a swimmer as swimming is my favorite sport. I think I would’ve explored various fields if I hadn’t become an idol.

Choi In:
I think I would’ve become a school teacher! I used to study education, and I enjoyed teaching and taking care of people since I was young, taking it after my mom!

What drama would you star in?

Won Hyuk: I would like to be in a drama about school. I barely have any memories from when I was a student, so I think it would be great to feel what it’s like, and I think I will be able to play the part well!

Choi In: In terms of genre, I would like to be in a drama with a story that takes place in school or at a workplace. I am interested in playing a student wearing a school uniform, a university student, a person just starting at a job for the first time, or someone who speaks in a dialect!

Meanwhile, E’LAST has been actively performing on music programs and other various activities, so please support them!

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