P1Harmony Left Atlanta Fans Barking at Coca-Cola Roxy

Asia Moore
We got fans out Atlanta - Keeho
On their 2022 [P1ustage H : PEACE] first US tour run by SubKulture Entertainment, P1Harmony (P1) members Keeho, Intak, Jiung, Soul, Jungseob, and Theo, had the Coca-Cola Roxy Hall in Atlanta shaking on May 8 from their powerful performances.

Photo Courtesy of SubKulture Entertainment
Photo Courtesy of SubKulture Entertainment

Before entering the venue, the line of P1ece (P1's fandom) was wrapped around the building, and upon entering the Coca-Cola Roxy, the venue was jammed packed. There were P1ece everywhere trying to buy merch before the show, purchase food, and find their seats. It was clear that there were barely going to be any empty seats, if any, by the time the show started. 

P1 started their 7:30PM show with their song "Pyramid," and the fans went wild. Something interesting that P1ece did after each performance was that they began barking to show their enthusiasm about the performances. P1 was surprised at this response, and P1's leader Keeho even asked what the barking was about. To be specific, Keeho asked, "What is this? Is this an Atlanta thing?" The crowd responded proudly with a yes and continued to bark throughout the show to express their excitement. The other members found the barking amusing and even encouraged P1ece to do it throughout the show. 

A Segment of P1Harmony's "Pyramid" Performance

P1Harmony's set list mainly consisted of 13 of their songs which included: 
  1. Pyramid
  2. Bop
  3. Do It Like This
  4. Before The Dawn
  5. That's It
  6. Reset
  7. If You Call Me
  8. Butterfly
  9. Scared
  10. Siren
  11. Follow Me
  12. Peacemaker
  13. AYAYA

A Segment of P1Harmony's "Bop" Performance
P1 has an excellent discography, and most of their songs have R&B elements or trap beats. P1ece seemed to have the most energy during P1's performances of "Bop," "Do It Like This," and "Scared." The members also performed a couple of cover songs in units. One of the most memorable performances of the night included a solo performance by Soul because he showed off his b-boying skills, which were unique and not something you often see in Kpop performances these days. Keeho even praised Soul for his free-styling skills and let the crowd know that Soul shows P1ece a different performance at each show. Another memorable performance was by Theo and Jiung as they serenaded P1ece with their smooth vocals while singing a cover of Justin Beiber's song "Off My Face." After their unit, Jiung went on to say that he hoped P1ece "fell in love with him" after their performance. P1ece was incredibly moved by Jiung's words and their performance. 

A Segment of P1Harmony's "Do It Like This" Performance

It was amusing how P1 was able to engage their audience and keep them entertained. P1ece seemed to enjoy the friendly competition that P1 encouraged amongst the fans. Namely, P1 asked the first and second floors to compete against each other to see who could cheer the loudest. Although there were more fans on the first floor, P1 commended fans on the second floor for their confidence in their bold claims that they would win the cheering battle. Ultimately, the first floor ended up winning, but P1ece still had a great time. In between performances, P1 did a fantastic job interacting with the fans and would even ask the fans questions one-on-one. A special moment occurred when P1 took the time to sing happy birthday to a fan in the audience. Lack of artist-to-fan interaction can sometimes make or break the concert experience for a fan. However, P1 definitely does not lack in this department.

A Segment of P1Harmony's First Ment

P1 spent plenty of time thanking P1ece for their support during their ments. Keeho had also apologized for a few unnoticeable mistakes during the show. Keeho's humility and vulnerability were commendable, but P1ece reassured him that everything was fine and that their performances had been outstanding. Besides the ments, VCRs were also shown in between performances. P1's VCRs were quite entertaining, and some even had a comedic element. It was evident how much P1ece had enjoyed them as many were laughing and cheering while watching the VCRs.

Photo Courtesy of P1Harmony's Twitter
Photo Courtesy of P1Harmony's Twitter

It is exciting to see what the future holds for P1Harmony! To give a little bit of background information, P1 debuted on October 28, 2020, under FNC Entertainment. It is evident from their tour that P1 has a lot of potential for a rookie group, and they will make it very far. Overall, their show is a lot of fun, and you can't help but dance, sing, and laugh with the members the entire time. Each of P1's members is exceptionally talented in their vocals, dance skills, and stage presence, so there is no doubt that P1Harmony will be successful in the years to come.

Please look forward to P1Harmony's new album and digital single "Gotta Get Back" with Pink Sweat$ on May 26, 2022, at 6PM KST. 

Did you also get to attend a P1Harmony concert this year? Please let us know about your favorite moments during any of their shows!

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