Lim Young-woong Breaks 1st Week Sales Record for Soloist

Lim Young-woong Breaks 1st Week Sales Record for Soloist


Singer Lim Young-woong’s First Full-length Album topped the Initial sales for solo artists. Initial sales are simply the sales under one week of the album release and Lim Young-Woong’s new album broke EXO’s Baekhyun’s initial weekly record within a day.

According to Hanteo Chart on April 3rd, Lim Young-woong’s first full-length Album “IM HERO,” released on May 2nd, sold 940,000 copies within a day of its release. The record surpassed the initial sales of solo artists. The previous highest record in the Initial Period was 870,000 copies set by EXO Baekhyun’s “Bambi.”

 Highest 1st day of sales on Hanteo of all time:

BTS holds the highest record on the First day of both solo and group sales. Following BTS, who swept the top four with four albums, Lim is the fifth-highest record in history. 

If this current trend continues, with increased sales in the remaining time, Lim Young-Woong’s album is expected to surpass 1 million units in the initial sales. This feat was achieved without any "fan signing event" where the artist meets fans and signs albums in person, making it all more significant. 

Meanwhile, Lim Young-woong made a comeback with his first full-length album "I'm Hero" on May 2nd. The album comprises a total of 12 tracks and the album alone has a diverse range of music genres, including ballads, trot songs, pop, hip-hop, dance, and folk.

The title song "If We Ever Meet Again" was ranked at the top of music streaming sites such as Genie Music and Bugs. It is ranked 9th in the Melon Top 100 as the top 100 on Melon.

By Reporter Cha woo chae

Translated by Ritu kohli

Ritu kohli

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