Monthly Roundup April 2022: RoaD-B, ME:US, BUSTERS, YEZI

Ciera Reeves

April was rather packed with releases from a new full album from Monsta X, VERIVERY, and W24, to soloist comebacks such as Choa, Yoon Jisung, Soyou and (G)-IDLE's Miyeon's Debut.Not to forget D-CRUNCH whose interview with us you can read here

RoaD-B formally known as BXK, has comeback with their new single "Nonstop." Check it out here! 

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To the delight of Nine Muses fans, members Moon Hyuna and Hyeri have formed the duo ME:US and released the ballad "Memories." The duo will follow up with a citypop-inspired song called "Wind" in July. 

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Rapper YEZI has made her comeback with the song "No Name" on April 14. Check out the special performance video below. 

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BUSTERS is back with the new single [Re:born] with the title song "futt" on April 27. Check out the music video below! 

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