Artists Announced for KCON 2022 US TOUR - CRAVITY LIGHTSUM STAYC & TO1


KCON has announced the artists kicking off the KCON 2022 US TOUR starting in August. Each city will have concerts for two nights. Night 1 will have boy group CRAVITY and girl group LIGHTSUM, while night 2 will have girl group STAYC and boy group TO1. The lineup reflects the current generation of Kpop. They will travel to every city showing off their phenomenal performances. 

The following cities for the tour will be: 

San Francisco





New York 

Ticketing information will be available soon. Check KCON Tour's Twitter or Instagram accounts for more updates. @kcon__tour

Do you plan to attend the KCON 2022 TOUR? Let us know @KpopWise! 

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Ciera Reeves

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