Charlie Puth on Collab with BTS Jungkook 'Miraculously Perfect Vocal'

Ciera Reeves

On a recent episode of Audacy Check In, Charlie Puth talked about what it was like working with BTS' Jungkook for their collab single "Left and Right." Check out what he has to say in the interview below. 

[1:22] —New single ‘Left and Right’. “I have joined forces for a very talented vocalist out of the group BTS, Jeon Jung-kook (Jungkook). I’m speaking like no one’s ever heard of him before. I’m very excited because we definitely have some musical chemistry. We’ve been performing. We did one performance four years ago, and we’ve always shouted each other out on social media. I appreciate his music, and I think he appreciates mine as well. The collaboration just felt natural. It wasn’t like our labels got together and were like let’s put this together. I was like, ‘I have this idea, and I think you’re the only person who can pull it off,’ and he sent back perfect vocals…I texted him after he said he would do it…He said, ‘Thank you so much for sending. I’m going to practice this now.’ I’m like, oh wow, he’s not going to just go record it. He spends a week on it and then sends it back to me. It was a miraculously perfect vocal. I was very impressed. It takes a lot to impress me…There’s one thing I’ve picked on in particular. I’m not saying I’m an avid K-pop listener, I’m just starting to be…A group like BTS has such an avid fanbase, that they just want to hear each individual member's personality on the record. It’s a reminder you have to put your personality into the music…There is going to be a music video. We might’ve filmed it already…It’s a very different music video from anything I’ve ever done” 

If you haven't had the chance to see the music video for "Left and Right" feat JungKook yet, check it out below! 

Source: Audacy Check In, Host Julia

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