Kamilias Rejoice? Group Kara in Talks for New Activities

Ciera Reeves

Will we be able to meet the group Kara again? Things seem promising. 

On June 14, DSP Media reported to Newsen, "We are discussing KARA's activities, and nothing has been confirmed."

KARA, which debuted in 2007, celebrated their 15th anniversary this year. Accordingly, there is a report that various possibilities such as digital single release are being discussed, raising fans' expectations.

Kara members Park Gyu-ri, Han Seung-yeon, Nicole, Kang Ji-young, and Heo Young-ji have recently revealed their appearance in one place to celebrate their debut anniversary.

KARA, was loved for their various hit songs such as 'Honey', 'Pretty Girl', 'Mr', 'Jumping', and 'Lupin'. Additionally, they were wildly popular in Japan too, as they swept the Japanese Oricon charts and performed on the Tokyo Dome stage. 



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