What's with BTS' New Comeback "Yet to Come"?

Erkai Q.


BTS, one of the most well-known K-pop groups across the globe, is here again with another comeback song, "Yet to Come," released last June 10, 2022. This song gives hopeful and inspiring vibes about the best yet to come in every life as well as the career of BTS as a group itself. The music video gave a sentimental feeling and a walk through the memory lane because of some well-known elements present in the group's past music videos before they started to be recognized by a greater array of audiences. 

The achievement that BTS has achieved over the past years and months is massive; success just keeps meeting them whatever they do. From performing in prestigious award-giving bodies, receiving honorable titles, and even dealing with diplomatic matters and advocacies, BTS is genuinely remarkable. 

Nonetheless, the lyrics of their newest song are full of humbleness depicting how sometimes they are still overwhelmed by how far they have come because of their love of music, as many have labeled them the best because of all the history they have made. "We ain't about it," they have said in their song. It is beautiful to witness how despite all the recognition, their music reflects their pure intentions, a thing that Armies treasure the most. This song might be a hard pill to swallow for those who don't want to believe that BTS is still the same passionate group that they were before. Nevertheless, the members themselves and their works continue to prove their genuineness, and at the end of the day, the group cleared that they don't seek validation from everyone.

Armies worldwide, as usual, received the song very well with only 2 days after the release, the music video almost hit 100 million views. Was it honestly the best? Time will only tell what would the future be for BTS and for the Armies, but one thing was proven throughout the years of their existence as a group. Their love for their fans and their fans' love for them keeps on growing and being reciprocated, finding ways and building connections through the love for music. Whatever language it is, it speaks through one's heart, transcending the barriers that the world has created.

Have you listened to BTS's "Yet to come"? What do you feel about it? Tell us in the comments. 

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