Watch Out! SUPERKIND — The First Decentralized Kpop Entertainment Group — Has Made Their Debut

Asia Moore


SUPERKIND members Saejin, Daemon, Eugene, Geon, and SiO, under Deep Studio Entertainment, just debuted on June 20, 2022 at 12PM KST with their single "Watch Out."

SUPERKIND is truly one of a kind as they are the first decentralized Kpop entertainment group! But what does this mean? According to Deep Studio Entertainment: "SUPERKIND is a story-world creation community, aspiring to be the world’s first Decentralized Entertainment. We are not a fan club nor management corporate but rather like a game! We wanted to find completely new ways to enjoy KPOP. While we love KPOP, we couldn’t help but feel like it was becoming very typical.

SUPERKIND is unique for many reasons. One reason is that they have Saejin, who is a virtual member. How cool! Another reason is that SUPERKIND is fan-focused. Normally, when Kpop groups debut, they hold press conferences with the media. But SUPERKIND did something different. Instead of a press conference, SUPERKIND hosted a Q&A session on Discord for Players, SUPERKIND's fandom. Players asked the members questions about their debut, hopes for the future, past/current struggles, and funny stories. I had the pleasure of asking the members about what they are looking forward to the most as idols. In summation, SUPERKIND is looking forward to interacting with Players face-to-face and performing. 

As a part of their decentralized regime, SUPERKIND gives Players an opportunity to earn $DREAM or $SUPER, SUPERKIND's currencies, as a way to get special privileges and access hidden content. Players earn $DREAM and $SUPER by getting retweets on their edits, memes, videos, etc. of SUPERKIND (ex. 1 retweet = 1 $DREAM).

Another exciting part about being a Player is that you can take a test to determine what KIND you are. There are two different KIND: PRID and NUKE. Splitting Players into two KIND creates friendly competition amongst the fans and makes being a part of the fandom more fun. Players, in their KIND, will also have the ability to help create future content such as videos, choreography, and music for SUPERKIND based on story-worlds that the KIND create. Every fan's dream, right?

SUPERKIND has made it very clear that they are playing by their own rules. With this in mind, SUPERKIND is obviously changing the Kpop game and there is a lot of anticipation and excitement building up around what they have prepared next!

Check out SUPERKIND's debut single:

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