Band Class # 9: Lanalogue

Hello fellow K-band fans and welcome back to Band Class. If you're new, Band Class is a series on KPopWise where I feature a band and tell you a little bit about them. My goal is simple: to help you find your next favorite Korean band. 

Last Band Class we met Holocity, yet another immensely talented band Korea is able to claim as their own. This week we will meet Lanalouge a band I personally feel like every K-band stan I know is constantly recommending them and I have decided to join the trend.


The history of Lanalogue started in 2015 when Lyoon and Noon met in the military. After they finished their military duty the two moved in together. At this point, Lyoon was interested in being a rock musician while Noon wanted to be a director. 

Eventually, in 2019, Lyoon and Kyunue met while Kyunue was busking. Both Lyoon and Kyunue were interested in forming bands and they decided to go to karaoke where the two of them auditioned for each other. The two decided to form a band and so Lyoon introduced Kyunue and Noon.

Also in 2019, although later in the year, Tatsou messaged Lyoon and Kyunue saying he liked their music. Lyoon and Kyunue traveled to Japan to meet Tatsou and he came to Korea and joined the band. Although, because of the pandemic Tatsou would be forced to return to Japan until Noon created Lanalogue Entertainment which allowed Tatsou to return to Korea on a VISA. 


Feb 14th, 1995 
Hobbies: Playing eFootball Winning Eleven, watching EPL, Drinking

Feb 8th, 1993 
Hobbies: Watching Youtube & eating at the same time

Sep 8, 1995 
Hobbies: Playing CATAN and mobile games

April 18, 1996 
Hobbies: Playing Crazyracing Kartride mobile version

Bum-Su Shin 
Feb 19, 1998 
Hobbies: Football, Basketball, Taking a walk

March 31,1995 
MV director, Head of Lanalogue Entertainment
Hobbies: Driving, FPS game, Cook

Earlier this year Lanalogue released their first full album Stereo Out! which you can listen to on your favorite streaming platform now that you've met the team behind the music. 

Readers thank you for your time, and I hope to see you again next time. A special thank you to Lanalogue for allowing me the opportunity to write about their band.

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