aespa Talks Performing at Coachella and 'Girls' in Audacy Interview


aespa was on Audacy Check-In to talk about their new single, "Life's Too Short," and to celebrate the release of their second EP, Girls. Check out the interview if you haven't already in the video below! 

[00:20] – Performing at Coachella: “We were so pleasantly surprised to see that the feedback from the U.S. audience of the single was really great. Because of the positive feedback we've received in the U.S., we wanted to use this [‘Life’s Too Short’] as good teaser content before the release of our full mini-album.” - Karina

[00:50] – Why “Life’s Too Short” as first single, positive message of the lyrics
[01:20] – Favorite part of creating Girls, trying different types of music
[01:50] – Song excited for fans to hear; Their favorite songs off the album
[03:45] – Learned from creating the album: process of making the album better and expressing their vibe more

[04:45] – The next era: “We’re able to meet more of our fans now — finally! After like, two years. We’re super excited to actually be able to meet our fans in person. And to even just travel to the U.S. like we are right now and go back to Korea and meet our Korean fans… and go to Japan… finally we get to meet you guys!” - Giselle

[05:40] – Want to keep breaking their own records, better themselves, improve themselves

Meanwhile aespa will be release the album on July 11 and have the showcase the same day. "Girls" is projected to have over 1 million sales and has already accumulated over 230,000 pre-orders from one store online alone. 

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Source: Audacy Check In 
Host Name: Julia

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