5 Reasons to be Mad for Mirae

The future is now, the future is Mirae, the seven-member idol group from Seoul are here to get summer started. The group was voted as ‘Super rookie of the year 2021’ by fans at Japan's MNet fan choice awards. Soon after their debut video gained over 10 million views, and 26,000 copies of their EP sold in just one week. Here are five reasons you need to follow Mirae.

Meet Mirae

Mirae debuted under the DSP Media group in 2021, the name Mirae in Korean means Future Boys. The group logo is created of the four Korean consonant characters from each member's name creating a perfect hexagon shape. The group aims to represent the future of K-pop through its songs and performances. Mirae is made up of seven talented members: Lien, Yoo Douhyun, Khael, Park Siyoung, Jang Yubin, Son Dongpyo, and leader Lee Junhyuk, readers may be familiar with the two members who appeared on Produce x 101.

The Marvelous Discography

Making their debut on March 17, 2021, with the mini-album Killa the group has since gone on to release two mini-albums Splash and the latest EP "Marvelous". Both Eps will have you feeling like you’re basking in the summer sun thanks to hits such as “Sugar” and the newest single “Marvelous.” “Marvelous” will have you humming “mamama, nanana” alongside their addictive sweet melodies, and Junhyuk’s fast rapping rhythms.

“Into our future! Hello, we are Mirae!”

With their main aim as the future of Kpop, the group affectionately named their fandom Now. After a fandom contest in April 2021, the boys revealed the chosen name and its meaning. Because of NOW that the band exists, just like the future exists as does the present. Alluding that their fans are precious and important in making their future bright. You’ll find the boys constantly interacting with their fans over on weverse, as well as uploading weekly vlogs with their latest activities and schedules. 

Mirae Games Heaven

 A chaotic variety game show in which the boys play various games causing havoc amongst each other whilst competing to win. Before this they had We Are The Future documenting their road to debut on their Youtube and V live platforms. This gave the best insight into not only their debut journey and friendships but the hardships that trainees face. Alongside these two they also have Mirae City and the current reality series Mirae in Japan.

Killer Dance Challenges

One thing you'll see from Mirae is endless chances to showcase just how talented they are with their dance skills. The band recently released a cover of KARD's “Ring the alarm” accompanied by a killer routine that was expertly executed. If that isn't enough during V-lives you're most likely going to end up in the studio dancing with Lee Hyuk Or Lien. 

Check out the release of KARDs "Ring the alarm" Choreography:

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