Meet the Western Celebrities Who are K-Pop Fans


Korean pop music has won the hearts of many people around the world. Some of them are world-renowned celebrities. That's why the KpopWise team has separated some names of Western artists who are card fans of some Korean artists. 

Emma Stone

The actress revealed in 2015, during an interview for the American talk show Conan, which is obsessed with K-pop. Emma even told during the conversation that her favorite group is 2NE1. She also talked about liking Girls Generation and drove the audience crazy. In 2019, the actress worked alongside BTS during a special edition of Saturday Night Live. 


The singer has already posted in his stories on the official Instagram account enjoying to the maximum one of BTS's concerts. Khalid proved to know the lyrics of the songs and even carried a lightstick.

Maisie Williams 

The eternal Arya Stark of Game of Thrones loves BTS so much that the cover photo of the official Twitter account is a photo of her edited with the boys of the group. Maisie has said several times on the social network about her love for them and that her favorite member is Jungkook. In addition, he has done many challenges of the choreography of BTS. 

Finn Wolfhard

The actor who plays Mike on the stranger things series has confirmed to be a Blink, the name given to BlackPink fans. The revelation was made in 2020 after Finn posted an autographed Girl Group album and monopoly on Instagram stories. Because of this, the actor's name was one of the most commented on Twitter. 

Taylor Swift

The singer proved to be a fan of BTS as well. At one of the Boy Group shows, Taylor couldn't take it and took a picture with all the members backstage. The image was posted to the singer's Instagram in 2018. 

Ryan Reynolds

The Deadpool star is in love with Stray Kids. The group gained even more prominence in Reynolds' heart when they performed an anti-hero-themed song played by the actor. Stray Kids member Bang Chan interacted with Ryan several times on Twitter. They've even exchanged autographed gin bottles. 

In 2019, the actor took photos with the group EXO and expressed his desire to be part of the group with a fun caption. In the same year, he liked some posts by BTS members on Twitter. One of them was Jungkook's working out. The most recent social media interaction came this year when Jimin announced that the permission to dance show in Seoul, South Korea, was missing a few days. Ryan again liked the post.

Ansel Elgort

The actor has been in several performances of BTS and has already posted in his stories enjoying straight from the audience. In 2017, he was asked about k-pop's musical style during the release of the film Baby Driver in South Korea. In addition to saying he was a fan, Ansel praised Korean music for its originality. 

The actor also said he was excited to review BTS members. They already knew each other when they met months before backstage at the Billboard Music Awards. At the time, the group won the Top Social Artist award. After that, Rap Monster and V finally met with Ansel. The trio posted a photo on Twitter of them having fun.&nbsp

Chloe Grace Moretz

The actress loves Korean music. In 2016, she even went to watch one of South Korea's most famous shows that features live performances of k-idols, the "Show! Music Core". Chloe managed to meet Taemin, girls group Mamamoo, and Eric Nam

During the backstage visit, she won the album Melting autographed by the quartet. The actress has been on several shows in the country such as We Got Married, I Live Alone, and SNL Korea 6. Chloe confessed to being in love with k-pop in all of them. 

Ezra Miller

The actor is such a BlackPink fan that he asked to put "As If It's Your Last", one of the songs of the Girl Group, in one of the scenes of flash in the movie Justice League, released in 2017. Ezra even danced part of the choreography at Comic-Con in Seoul. 

During the film's promotions in South Korea, he admitted his love for Lisa, Jisoo, Jennie, and Rosé to Eric Nam, who interviewed him. In the program, he received an autographed album for each of them. His reaction to winning the gift was adorable.

Terry Crews

The famous actor couldn't help himself when he saw the BTS group at the 2019 Billboard Music Awards and took a photo with some members such as Jin, V, Rap Monster, and J-Hope. The images were posted to the actor's official account with a hilarious caption and hashtags. 

John Cena

The DC Universe actor is one of the biggest members of the BTS fandom. He always praises the group anywhere he goes. In 2019, John Cena posted a thank you on Twitter to director Andy Fickman for including the song "Fire" in the film Playing With Fire. 

The star said his favorite member of the group is J-Hope. The actor made a declaration of love to the group BTS during The Tonight Show in 2020. Watch:

Shawn Mendes

The Canadian singer revealed to be watching several BTS music videos and praised the perfection of the final result, the beauty of the members, and the live performance. In several interviews, Shawn Mendes expresses his willingness to make a collaboration with the Boy Group but is not guaranteed in the choreographies.


The singer is a declared fan of BTS. She has done a cover performance of the song "Butter", composed an excerpt of a rap mentioning Jimin and V, and often praises the boys' style. Lizzo also revealed that the passion for BTS is shared with her own sister. In addition, when asked about a collaboration with the group the rapper gave an unusual and funny response. Check:

Cole Sprouse

The actor who plays one of Riverdale's protagonists has revealed to love K-pop. And he also stated that everyone should like Korean music. Cole mentioned at The People's Choice Awards that his crush is all BTS members.

Now United

All members of the group have already been revealed to be fans of K-pop. Most have mentioned liking groups like BlackPink, EXO, Twice, BTS, and Red Velvet. In addition to going to various Korean music shows, the boys and girls of the group have done several covers singing or dancing. 

Jaden Smith & Will Smith

Like father, like son. They both love Korean music. Jaden Smith is a former k-idol fan of YG Entertainment. He has already revealed his admiration for the G-Dragon member of the group Big Bang in 2016. In addition, he and Will Smith attended BlackPink's presentation at Coachella in 2019. The same day, Jaden mentioned his passion for the girl group during his concert. 

What other western celebrities are fans of K-pop artists? Let us know @KpopWise! 

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