Most Expensive K-Pop Music Videos of All Time

With YG girl group BLACKPINK expecting a comeback in August, and dropping a music video for the special track with PUBG Mobile "Ready for Love" on Friday July 29, additionally, rumours are abound that the music video for their upcoming comeback is expected to be one of the most expensive ever created in YG Entertainment - and even K-pop - history.

With these rumours coming round, we've decided to take a look at the most expensive K-pop music videos ever released, according to Wikipedia.

2NE1 - "Come Back Home" - ₩500,000,000

TREASURE - "Jikjin" - ₩500,000,000

Speed - "Sad Promise" - ₩700,000,000

INFINITE - "Destiny" - ₩890,000,000

Gangkiz - "Honey Honey" - ₩900,000,000

B.A.P - "One Shot" - ₩915,000,000

T-ara - "Cry Cry / Lovey Dovey" - ₩1,000,000,000

S.E.S. - "Love" - ₩1,000,000,000

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Ford Carter

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