[Translation/ Newsis Interview] Sunye on Debuting as a Dance Solo Artist After 15 Years

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Singer Sunye, a former member of the group Wonder Girls, released her first solo album "Genuine" at 6 p.m. on the 26th, 15 years after her debut. Sunye explained what it was like working on the album in an interview with NEWSIS

"It is an album that recognizes various aspects that even I did not know when they were revealed in numerous situations as they are, and draws a story that can be told in my current self without any hesitation."

The title track is "Just A Dancer," a medium-tempo dance song with rhythmical rhythms and bass lines. It means to dance the leading "dance as myself" with a combination of Sunye's confident appearance, her instinct as an artist, and her worries and will that coexist.

The reason why I chose the dance song as the title song of my solo debut album is that I wanted to challenge myself personally or show you a dance song with my personal taste as high as possible.

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In addition, the album was filled with a total of five tracks, including the same songs "Genuine," "Glass Heart," "Now I Fly," and "Best Thing." In particular, Sunye participated in writing the lyrics of four songs. She explained, 

"I wanted to tell stories that I didn't have a chance or couldn't do before, like the name of the album 'Genuine,' with my current thoughts and values."

In addition, image transformation such as blonde hairstyle and styling is also noticeable. Sun-ye hinted, "I wanted to express the appearance that naturally flows out of me, not the appearance made when the light is shining."

The preparation period was not long, but he said, "It was my first album to produce myself, so I tried not to miss any details," adding, "I think the development of media, various new words, and numerous technologies that I encountered for the first time made me feel the gap of the past 10 years."

Sun-ye debuted as Wonder Girls in 2007 and enjoyed the late 2000s with hits such as "Tell Me," "So Hot" and "Nobody" with the members. In particular, in 2009, it ranked 76th on the Billboard single chart "Hot 100" with the English version of "Nobody."

Before the comeback, Wonder Girls, Mamadol members, and 2AM's Jo Kwon posted cheering comments through social media, showing strong friendship.

Sun-ye said, "All my friends cheered me up a lot. Producer Park Jin-young (who discovered Wonder Girls) still gave me strong support, and I think the support of all mothers and fans who met across the screen through the "Mom is an Idol" program made me the most courageous."

The goal of this activity is "to recognize and feel the sincerity of the public in the album." "If you enjoy this album as it is, I would be very grateful."

It took me a little while to get back on stage, but I sincerely thank the fans for waiting for a long time. Even if there is nothing fancy or great, I want to continue to share the good energy of sincere music. We will try to create opportunities to meet our fans through music-related programs and various performances."

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Source: NEWSIS

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