South Korean Rapper, Huh, is Bringing the Heat with His 1st Album Release “926”

Asia Moore

Huh, formerly known as Rose de Penny, is a South Korean rapper under Amoeba Culture and is recognized in the Korean Hip Hop community for his strong and unique flow. 

Huh just released his 1st full highly-anticipated album 926 on July 7, 2022, with the title tracks “Thumbs Up” and “EXS.

The track list consists of 10 songs, each bringing a different vibe to the album. 926 encompasses many different genres such as Hip Hop, RnB, Dance, Pop, and Rock, so there is something for everyone to listen to and enjoy. If you are a fan of rock music, you will love “9 to 6,” and if you are a fan of Dance music, you will love “Pouritup.”

As a Hip Hop lover, I was highly anticipating this album and was eager to see what Huh put together. I enjoyed the instrumentals used on 926. My favorite was the electric guitar in “9 to 6” and the strings in “Die.” While I thought all the songs were amazing, the song that grabbed my attention the most was “Django.” The beat goes hard, you can’t help but get hype while listening to it, and Huh shows off his impeccable rap skills. Some of my other favorites from the album include “Dreamwalk,” “Thumbs Up,” and “DDKD.”

Artists featured on this album include JUSTHIS, Dynamicduo, OUREALGOAT, Mirani, SOLE, THAMA, and many more. After listening to the album, it is evident that the featured artists were perfectly picked as they all brought something different to each song yet were on all on point in terms of making hit songs. 

Essentially, there are no skips on this album. Huh brought the fire with 926 as his first album release, and I am looking forward to his future projects!

Check out Huh’s music video for “EXS”:

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