20 Artists who Included LGBTQIAP+ Themes in Music Videos

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In South Korea, the LGBTQIAP+ community still faces various social problems related to prejudice, lack of legal rights, and conservatism. And despite the lack of representativeness also reaching the cultural industry, in music, some k-pop artists continue to try to make room for the topic to be discussed through music and music videos.

That's why the KpopWise team has separated some music videos that address stories or even have insinuations about LGBTQIAP+. Check it out below:


The singer is considered one of the first openly gay South Korean pop culture artists. Holland's first music video titled "Neverland" became famous for breaking taboos by addressing the love story between two men with a kissing scene. It is also important to note that this is not the only music video of the artist that portrays LGBTQIAP+ issues. 

Girls Generation

One of South Korea's most famous groups brought several drag queens in the music video "All Night" from the album Holiday Night. Girls Generation members have often revealed that they are in favor of the LGBTQIAP+ community. In addition, in 2013, idols used several women and drag queens in the music video "Love&Girls" from the Japanese album titled the same name.

Girl's Day

Two members of Girl's Day hint at a kiss between them. The artists are Minah and Hyeri. The situation takes place in one of his music videos called Female President. The song clearly portrays women's empowerment and the situation in which women can take initiative without being judged. 

Mad Clown & Suran

The duo collaborated to sing the song "Love is a Dog From Hell" together. The music video was released in 2017 and shows the love relationship of a trans person. 


K.Will's music video for "Please Don't" is a classic. In its debut, the music video took everyone by surprise with the twist of the story. The plot is about unrequited love between two friends and one of them is engaged to a girl. 

Red Velvet

The SM Entertainment group surprised everyone by releasing a Christmas music video titled "Wish Tree" with the story of a lesbian couple. The music video released in 2016 shows several cute scenes of the couple.  It is also important to note that in 2020 the members Seulgi and Irene released the music video "Monster." There are several provocative scenes between the two members, as in another music video called Bad Boy. 

Lee Hyori

Another music video that features drag queens dancers is Lee Hyori's "Miss Korea". The song was released in 2013 and came through the album Monochrome. 

Brown Eyed Girls

Brown Eyed Girls released the song "Abracadabra" from the album Sound-G in 2009. The music video became controversial for having scenes too hot by South Korean standards. Besides, it showed another almost lesbian kiss. 


Despite being over in 2017, starship entertainment's women's group left a legacy of incredible songs for fans, including One More Day, a signed partnership with Italian disco music pioneer Giorgio Moroder. In the music video, two women fall in love, while they have to deal with a violent boyfriend of one of them.


The singer brings in his music video the story of a boy who has difficulty showing his true feelings to the man he likes for fear of what people will think. The song is called "Help" and was released in 2018.

Monsta X

As in Romeo and Juliet, two of the group's members die in the music video for "All In" when they take poison when they realize they can't stay together without running away. The music video was released in 2016.


Each of the 12 members of the LOONA group was revealed in a different month. When Chuu appeared, she brought with her a music video with a lesbian love story in which she reveals her love for another member, Yves. The music video was released in 2017 and the song is called Heart Attack.


In 2019, Solar, Moonbyul, Wheein, and Hwasa released the single "HIP". In the music video, you can see a drag queen's band. In addition, Mamamoo rapper made a musical collaboration with singer Seori, where the two artists appear looking at each other passionately while singing the single "Shutdown". 


Maman is considered one of the first openly lesbian South Korean singers. Their debut song was released in 2015 and is titled "Obvious Story". The music video discusses the loving relationship between two women. One of them is singer Maman. 


In one of his singles, Seori also highlighted LGBTQIA+ relationships. In the music video for "Lovers In The Night" the artist showed different types of couples, including one composed of two women and another of two men.


The artist revealed a controversial music video titled "159cm". The music video shows the relationship between two young girls. The mother of one of them is religious and has a loving relationship with a priest in secret. When she finds out her daughter is a lesbian, he attacks her. They're both forced to run away and commit suicide. 


The Genie Music singer released the music video "Touch" with several lesbian insinuations. 


The famous rapper included some transvestites in the music video "My Number". They even appear on the cover of the single. 


The male group brings in several of its music videos content with homosexual insinuations. In the single "Libido", for example, the boys show provocative physical contact. Even the choreography of the performance draws attention for being quite sexy among the members. 


The four girls of the group revolutionized after releasing the music video "Excuse Me" in 2015. The story of the music video reveals the members finding glasses that show what men are really thinking. In some scenes, some young boys think about kissing or dating other guys. 

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