[Readers' Choice] Your Top 10 K-pop Songs First Half of 2022!

Ciera Reeves

It’s that time of the year again when KpopWise surveys our readers about their favorite songs released so far for the first half of 2022. The qualification of the songs was the songs have to be released between January 1 and June 25, 2022. The songs are not limited to title tracks, B-sides are included as well.

It is always interesting to see what commonalities can be found among people’s playlists. There may be songs that you’ve probably never heard of but would love if you knew about them. That’s why we take the time out to review K-pop fans’ opinions in the middle of the year! Let’s take a look at the songs you all chose.

Songs are not in any particular order.

Ciera (KpopWise)

Hyolyn – layin low
Gemini – She Lives in Paris
Verivery – O 
Kwon Eunbi – Glitch
Tan – Du Du Du 
Stray Kids – Manic 
Victon – Love Chronograph
OnlyOneOf - Gaslighting
Brave Girls - Thank You
Junny – Color Me ft ChungHa 


HYO - Deep
BAE173 – Jaws 
NCT DREAM – Fire Alarm
Blitzers – Bobbin’ 
Cravity - Chandelier
Ghost9 – X-Ray
Changmo - SMF (prod. Czaer) 
Bvndit – Venom 
Blank2y – Thumbs Up
Trendz – Villain

Joanna (KpopWise) 

B.I, Soulja Boy, DeVita - BTBT 
Seventeen - Hot
AESPA - Illusion 
IVE - Love Dive 
TAN - Du Du Du
Brave Girls – Thank You
VIVIZ - Bop Bop! 
TEMPEST - Bad News 
VANNER - Rollin


Stray Kids - Manic
Mirae - Marvelous 
Trendz - Clique 
Stray Kids - Freeze
fromis9 - DM
TXT - Good Boy Gone Bad 
Trendz - Villain
NMIXX - Tank
BLANK2Y – Thumbs Up


Demian - Basement boy 
T1419 - Red light, Green light
LUCY - Flowering 
Oneus - A Song Written Easily 
Stray kids - School life 
Kingdom - Blinder 
MEGAMAX - Painted÷love
DAY6 - Somehow 
DAY6 - I Need Somebody
BDC - Moonwalker 

@whewtaewoon (KpopWise) 

Lucy & Daybreak - Oh-eh 
Stray Kids - Maniac
TXT - Good Boy Gone Bad
Jay Park - Ganadara
ENHYPEN - Blessed-Cursed
Wonho – Crazy
Kep1er - Wadada
(G)-idle – Tomboy
Cnema - Moby Dick
Tan – Du Du Du 


iKON - But You
Got7 - Truth
Seventeen - Darl+ing
Classmate - Paradise
Onewe - Roommate
BTOB - The Song
Red Velvet - Feel My Rhythm
Kang Daniel - Upside Down
Paul Kim - Like Yesterday
Astro - Candy Sugar Pop


Apink - Dilemma
Wonho - Crazy
Road-B - Nonstop
Rocket Punch - Chiquita
iKON - But You
Cherry Bullet - Love In Space
WJSN Chocome - Super Yuppers
Yezi - No Name
Rockhyeon - Only One
Wonho – Eye on You

Maria (KpopWise)

Monsta X – Love
Seventeen – Hot
Verivery – O 
Verivery – Undercover
Treasure – DARARI 
ENHYPEN – Blessed-Cursed
Pentagon – Feelin’ Like
Monsta X – Wildlife
Ateez – Don’t Stop


Girls' World x ICU - Rapunzel
Apink - Dilemma 
woo!ah - Danger
Tribe – Doom Doom Ta
Donna – Stay Friends
Donna - Privacy
Hwayeon - Blossom 
Necta - Over u  
IVE – Love Dive 
woo!ah – Catch the Stars 


BZ-BOYS - Find You
Verivery - O
Nine.I - Parallel Universe
HELLOGLOOM - Because I was a Young Boy
from20 - Weol
Ciipher - Fame
Psy feat. Suga - That That
XG - Tippy Toes

Asia (KpopWise) 

P1Harmony - Do it like this 
Stray Kids - Charmer
DKB - Sober 
TREASURE - Jikjin 
BamBam ft. Seulgi - Who Are You 
Monsta X - Wildfire
Kihyun - Rain
Big Bang – Still Life 
Woosung – Phase Me


from20 – weol
Junny – Get Ya! (ft Ph-1) 
Taeyeon – INVU
iKon – But You
Yugyeom - Take You Down (ft. Coogie) 
Monsta X - Burning up (ft. R3hab) -
Got7 – Don’t Care About Me
B├ębe Yana - Satellite (ft. Che & Yonko)
BI, Soulja boy, Devita - BTBT

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Thank you to all of the participants! Has the first half of 2022 K-pop music impressed you? Let us know @KpopWise!

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