TWICE Releases Tracklist of EP Songs "Between 1&2"


TWICE released on July 26 a tracklist of the songs of the new EP Between 1&2. The main track is called "Talk that Talk". Six other names were also released as "Queen of Hearts," "Basics," "Trouble," "Brave," "Gone" and "When We Were Kids."  

The composer of "Talk that Talk" is known for creating other girl group hits. Some of these songs are "Knock Knock" released in 2017, "What is Love?" from 2018, and "The Feels" from last year. 

The song "Queen of Hearts" is a song in English. The entire arrangement and composition were created by two Britons known as LDN Noise. The recording and production were also organized by them.  

The track "Brave" was written by American singer Melanie Fontana. The artist is also famous for comwriting other TWICE songs such as "I Can't Stop Me" released in 2020, and "Scientist" released in 2021.

The members also had participation in the compositions of the songs. Dahyun, for example, wrote the songs "Gone" and "When We Were Kids." Jihyo is the author of "Trouble" and helped in the composition as well. Chaeyoung is responsible for the lyrics to "Basics". 

This is the first time TWICE will make a comeback since all nine members renewed their contract with JYP Entertainment this month.

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