XDINARY HEROES Releases First Mini Album [Hello, World]

PHOTOGRAPHY WINKSTUDIO 박건상 (Park Gun Sang) + assistant 홍진 우 (Hong Jin Woo)

New York, NY (July 20, 2022) - K-Pop band Xdinary Heroes drops their debut mini album Hello, world! today July 20.

Xdinary Heroes shares the official music video for the focus single, “Test Me,'' conveying a rebellious message to those who force others that are building their own unique world to fit into the so-called “normal world,” with bold lyrics that read: Do I look regrettable? Just back off and mind your own business. The fast-beating, chromatic melody harmonizes with a captivating charm. The performance video features neon signs, hacking devices and system rooms with a guerrilla ensemble and a performance showdown with a cyborg player.


Watch "Test Me" here! 

The six-song collection on Hello! world! also includes darkness and brightness co-existing on “Sucker Punch!,” sing-along on tracks “Strawberry Cake” and “Pirates,” while “KNOCK DOWN” leans more rock with powerful guitars and bass sounds. The album chronicles the first step of learning programming language and depicting the story of six members who lived their lives taking the first step on the ‘♭form’ platform, an online music gaming entity. The so-called six ‘outsiders,’ include Gun-il (band leader, drummer), Jungsu (​​main vocalist, keyboardist), Gaon (electric guitar, lead rapper), O.de (synthesizer, rapper), Jun Han (electric guitar) and Jooyeon (main vocalist, bassist) where they can transform into heroes on the virtual stage.

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