ZICO to Perform on TV Shows For the First Time After 11 Years


Singer and rapper ZICO will appear on television music shows for the first time after 11 years since his debut as a solo artist. The information was confirmed by KOZ Entertainment. The action is to promote the 4th mini-album Grown Ass Kid

ZICO is expected to perform the song "Freak" from July 27th at M Countdown and Music Bank, for example. In 2018, the artist released with the group Block B the sixth mini-album Re:MONTAGE

It is important to note that the artist has not performed on television shows for 11 years as a soloist. However, ZICO won a record ten crowns without the need to make an appearance with the songs "Any Song" and "Summer Hate". 

Check out excerpts from the songs from the mini-album Grown Ass Kid:

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