KCON LA Night 2 Recap: A Truly Unforgettable Concert




KCON LA 2022 may have recently ended, but the memories of the fun convention and striking concert performances will stay in our minds until next year's concert. The first in-person KCON here since 2019, the hype could not have risen any higher--and the convention was amazing! Thousands of K-POP fans came from around the world to join in the celebrations like visiting booths and making their dreams come true by meeting their favorite artists. 

While the convention during the day was a major highlight of many fans' experiences, the concerts were a true culmination of the love and energy that the artists, fans, and staff put into the event. From fan projects to unique performances, KCON LA 2022 was a weekend to remember. To remember some of our favorite moments from this weekend, here is the rundown on Night 2's concert, where THE BOYZ, NCT DREAM, LOONA, NMIXX, STAYC, TO1, WJSN, and P1Harmony are featured!

An Explosive Beginning From THE BOYZ

Before the concert started, there was a buzz around the arena as K-POP fans pondered on the setlist and the exciting new stages. Lightsticks were already waving around for the pre-performances by eSNa and Ellen & Brian, which were all jaw-dropping! Shortly after, the concert began with an intense vibe as THE BOYZ took the stage with "MAVERICK." As the members were unveiled to the audience, cheers erupted and fans kept at it throughout the song. 


They would later rule the stage once again and perform “THRILL RIDE,” “WHISPER,” “Break your rules,” and “The Stealer.” Each performance confirmed their talent and left everyone in awe--and we're still not over it! Members Kevin and Juyeon were also MCs, popping around the audience during their segment.

WJSN Shines With Their Out-Of-This-World Performances

WJSN followed suit with their cosmic stages. The group captivated the stage and sang their winning song from Queendom 2, "AURA" as well as "Last Sequence" and "As You Wish!" Earlier at the convention, members Seola and Eunseo taught fans how to dance to the break of "Last Sequence," and seeing them all dance that very choreography was mesmerizing.


P1Harmony Brings Energy To The Crypto.com Arena

After the introduction performances, P1Harmony proved they could raise the roof through their energetic songs. The boys started with "Doom Du Doom," their latest title track, and continued with "Do It Like This." This rookie boy group showed that they have what it takes to light up the arena stage, and fans can't wait to see what they do next!


STAYC Girls RUN2 Our Hearts In Their Performances

Another rookie powerhouse in the making, STAYC, took the stage with a splendid dance break and their most recent title track, "BEAUTIFUL MONSTER." The members' earnestness shone through their songs and "RUN2U" was the perfect song to round out their time here at KCON. Missed STAYC and want to see them perform again? The girls are currently on tour around the USA with other K-POP rookie groups and fans can see them perform again!


TO1's Bright Bops and Covers!

The next group to make the stage theirs was TO1, who lit up the arena with their neon outfits and powerful songs. The boys performed "Drummin'" and "BOOM POW" and amazed the audience, but took things a step further with their cover song. The TO1 members surprised everyone with a rendition of PSY and SUGA's "That That," and the audience sang along to them! Like STAYC, TO1 is also on tour with other rookie groups throughout the USA.


NMIXX Makes The Crowds Cheer 'O.O' With Intense Stages

To continue the streak of talented rookie groups, NMIXX brought on the energy with their performances of "O.O" and "Tank." Their initial dance break left all eyes on them, and their songs kept everyone cheering for them! NMIXX's talent is no joke--especially when they covered SEVENTEEN's "VERY NICE." This K-POP classic is one many audience members recognized, amping up the energy even more!


LOONA 'Paints The Town' And Makes Dreams Come True

Screams erupted everywhere when LOONA showed up to perform. The girls showed a range of concepts and talent when singing and dancing to "Flip That" and "Star." The highlight of their time on stage came when the girls performed "Paint The Town" as fans were able to join them on stage! Earlier at the convention, Orbits were chosen from over a hundred competitors for a spot with LOONA. It was so wholesome to see as these fans rocked the choreography and the interactions that came with it!


Girls Run The World At KCON LA

Aside from their own songs and covers from others, the performers also collaborated to create unique stages. Here, LOONA's Heejin and Hyunjin and NMIXX's Sullyoon and Kyujin covered MAMAMOO's "Decalcomonie." The vocals were everything and the audience enjoyed seeing them shine in a different style! Yves and Lily also collaborated in an MC segment, and they were great in their role.


NCT Dream Closes The Night With Addicting Performances

Last, but most definitely not least, was NCT Dream's stage. Members Jaemin and Jeno were special MCs that night and charmingly tossed roses to members in the audience. They and Renjun, Chenle, and Jisung rounded out the concert with "Beatbox," "Hot Sauce," "Hello Future," and "Glitch Mode." While it was their first time performing at KCON LA, their energy reached the fans and resulted in chants and cheers!


Here's To The Next KCON Convention

At the end of the concert, all the K-POP idols rejoined the stage to say goodbye to the audience, pose for pictures, and make new interactions with fans! It was a fun moment for everyone, but also left the reality that KCON had ended...But to look forward to the next opportunity for a convention or concert, many regarded this conclusion as a "see you later" (especially for those going to the KCON Rookies tour.) This day was surreal, so here's to the next time fans and artists can reconnect at KCON LA!


What was your favorite KCON LA moment? Did you attend Day 1 of the concerts? Let us know in the comments or through our social media!

The images used in this article were provided by CJ ENM Entertainment. For KpopWise's exclusive coverage of the convention, check out our favorite moments here!

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